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October 2017  

The Elliot Scientific October 2017 Newsletter: In this issue we look forward to Photonex - the UK's premier annual event dedicated to the science of light and feature a number of products that we will be exhibiting there. Elliot|Martock flexure and miniature stages take pride of place alongside equipment from Energetiq Technologies, HOLOEYE Photonics, Mad City Labs, Vescent Photonics and many more...

Elliot|Martock stages celebrate over 30 years of service to science

Elliot|Martock miniature stages

EM Logo Elliot|Martock high-resolution (<0.5 µm) precision miniature dovetail slides have been popular with scientists and OEMs for nearly 40 years.

With a useful selection of Small, Very Small and Ultra Small models (with travels of 10, 5 and 3 mm respectively), the range satisfies many requirements for a stable and compact precision stage in both research and industry.

Ultra-small stages These market-leading micro-positioners offer single, dual and three axis configurations with a variety of adjustment options such as simple screws to precision micrometers.

Small or Very Small rotary stages with a variety of bore sizes complete the line-up.

Elliot Scientific also offers various adaptors and accessories - such as the MDE270 tilting stage - to complement the series and further enhance flexibility of use.

For more information, contact us or download the Small Stages Mini-catalogue.

Elliot|Martock product
Elliot|Martock product

Elliot|Martock's XYZ Flexure Stages have been delivering high precision manipulation for over three decades. Applications range from fibre launch systems for single-mode, multimode and polarisation maintaining fibres as well as waveguide alignment, through to the manipulation of microstructures in bioscience and colloid studies.

One of the main reasons this range of stages has remained popular is that the arcuate displacement - the vertical movement due to longitudinal flexure motion - is many times better than competing products.

6-axis positionerWith a broad choice of interchangeable adjusters, some offering nanometre resolutions, the versatile Elliot|Martock XYZ Flexure Stage has proven to be the one of choice for many researchers around the globe. Thousands have been manufactured by Elliot Scientific over the years and, such is their reputation for their solid and reliable action, labs hang on to them as one would a treasured heirloom.

For more information, contact us, have a look at our Flexure Stages Mini-catalogue, or visit the product pages.

Elliot Scientific will be exhibiting this week at...

Photonex logo

11th and 12th October 2017
Ricoh Stadium, Coventry
Stand B10

As usual, our team of engineers and scientists will be on hand to discuss our Solution Science capabilities: We have decades of experience between us and will assist you with any application-specific requirements. So visit Stand B10 at Photonex in Coventry this week and discover how the equipment, systems, and instruments we offer - some of which feature below - support the UK and Ireland's scientific, research and industrial communities...

Energetiq Technologies make the revolutionary Laser Driven Light Source.

These single lamp LDLS™ systems enable extreme high brightness over a broad spectral range - from 170 nm through to visible and beyond - and deliver lifetimes much longer than typical multi-lamp set-ups.

Energetiq products
Vescent Photonics

Mad City Labs is a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning multi-axis stage systems based on a flexure design that is capable of sub-nm positioning resolution for high speed microscopy imaging.

Vescent Photonics offer technologies for research into coherent atom sources, gravitometry and magnetometry sensors, the laser-cooling of atoms - Magneto-Optical Traps (MOTs), focused ion beams, ultrasensitive trace-isotope analysis, and quantum computing and cryptography.

For more information about any of these products, please contact us or visit us at Photonex.

HOLOEYE Photonics develops active Spatial Light Modulators [SLMs] and microdisplays for scientific and industrial applications.

HOLOEYE SLMs are offered for a number of different spectral bands in the UV, visible and NIR, and in resolutions up to Ultra HDTV 4k.

Prizmatix specialises in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for for fluorescence and optogenetics studies, microscopy, and other bioscience, neuroscience, chemistry, physics, neurobiology or biochemistry applications.

Prizmatix LED illumination systems are also ideal for use in industry. For example semiconductor inspection, UV curing, or materials analysis are all areas that would benefit from these solid-state light sources.

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