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April 2018  

The Elliot Scientific April 2018 Newsletter: In this issue we see how Elliot|Martock Flexure Stages are used by leading scientists around the globe, discover Lake Shore Cryotronics new Teslameter range for magnetics researchers, find out that Siskiyou Corporation fibre translators have a soft touch, and look at the latest night vision spectroradiometers from Gamma Scientific. Plus our new 2018 Product Overview brochure and Photonex London...

Elliot|Martock Gold Series Flexure Stages are valued by scientists and engineers

The Gold Series Flexure Stages are Elliot Scientific's best seller. Leading scientists and engineers around the globe recognise that these high-resolution XYZ positioners outperform rivals and are of exceptional value - both in terms of price and performance.

The precision engineered stages are highly adaptable and can be used in a multitude of applications. For example: quantum photonics and colloid studies.

Choose from a range of systems preconfigured for fibre launch, such as free space light into fibre (see photo right), or for alignment of other types of optical device (left).

Note that we offer a number of ready-built configurations in left and/or right-hand at lower cost when compared to purchasing individual parts.

The positioners can be purchased without adjusters, or select from simple thumbwheels, precision micrometers, and piezo driven actuators in any combination.


  • 20 nm resolution with 2 mm travel per axis depending on adjuster chosen
  • Excellent smooth operation with superb long term stability
  • Great versatility in a petite package

An extensive range of add-ons, accessories, and attachments ensure that most applications can be satisfied. If not, contact us for a custom solution.

Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces the F-series Teslameters

F71 Teslameter from Lake Shore
Lake Shore Magnetic Probe
Lake Shore Logo

The new F41 Single-axis and F71 Multi-axis Teslameters from Lake Shore Cryotronics offer a new level of precision and convenience for engineers, QC technicians, and lab researchers. In conjunction with a new series of compatible Hall probes and 2Dex™ Hall sensors, users can measure with confidence in challenging applications.

The TiltView™ display makes them easy to operate even when mounted in the bottom of a rack or on the bench, and probe swapping is now much faster due to a compact quick-release connector and integrated calibration data for all probes.

TruZero™ technology
Lake Shore's TruZero™ technology eliminates the need to perform frequent zero gauss chambering as an onboard algorithm combines the sequential Hall voltage readings in a way that eliminates any offsets due to misalignment and thermoelectric effects. It also improves precision and accuracy.

Please contact us for more information.

Product Overview 2018 now available

Product Overview 2018 spread

Our new Product Overview for 2018 is now available online.

This latest brochure includes new signings Accurion, Mountain Photonics, and Siskiyou; plus fully revised sections devoted to many of the other companies we distribute for. For example: EXFO, HOLOEYE, and Gamma Scientific, among others, have all been updated.

You can download the PDF brochure, request a printed copy by contacting us, or pick one up at any UK conference or exhibition we are attending.

Siskiyou Fibre Positioners have a Soft Touch

Siskiyou fibre translators
Siskiyou Logo

Siskiyou Corporation offers a range of fibre translators as 3 or 5-axis positioners. The BFT range is for bare fibre, while the CFT is for connectorised fibre.

Both models are ideal for post or base mounting in crowded beam path applications and use 80 TPI adjustment screws for precise positioning. The Soft Touch colour-coded screwcaps make identification of the X and Y axes in low light conditions easy. The Y-axis is also designed to ensure no drift due to overloading.

The CFTx-series is more robust, being based on hex-adjustable OTX 100 TPI rolled-thread lens positioners that can take a 4G jolt without moving more than 5 µm when the axes are locked. Z-axis adjustment is via an 80 TPI internal thread for accurate focusing.

The BFT model can be ordered with a polarisation option, whereas all CFT models have this as standard. Please contact us for more information.

Gamma Scientific unveils newest GS-1290 NVIS Spectroradiometers

GS-1290-NVIS Spectroradiometer
Gamma Scientific Logo

The latest version of Gamma Scientific's GS-1290-NVIS is an advanced, high-speed spectroradiometer that combines the leading-edge sensitivity of a cooled backside-thinned CCD detector technology with the industry-renowned RadOMA opto-electrical platform.

The GS-1290-NVIS is specifically configured for ANVIS testing of cockpit displays and lighting. It far exceeds all requirements outlined in MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009. The MIL-SPEC requires a 10:1 signal-to-noise (SNR) measurement ratio, whereas the GS-1290-NVIS spectroradiometer is built to deliver an SNR of 100:1 or greater.

The GS-1290-NVIS offers superior sensitivity, an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, exceptional accuracy, and high-resolution bandwidth coverage. Please contact us for further information.

This month, meet Elliot Scientific at...

Photonex London 2018 logo

Photonex London
18th April 2018, University College London

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