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July 2018  

The Elliot Scientific July 2018 Newsletter: In this issue we congratulate Kinetic Systems for their 50 years of designing and manufacturing vibration isolation systems, get a new angle on Siskiyou Corporation's range of tilt platforms, and look at NoIR's trendy yet practical laser safety eyewear. Plus robust polarizers from CODIXX and more...

A golden anniversary for Kinetic Systems and their vibration isolation systems

Kinetic Systems Vibration Control Products

Kinetic Systems is celebrating 50 years in the vibration isolation and optical table market.

As a world leader in the development and application of advanced low frequency vibration control systems for sensitive equipment, the company is recognised globally as a trusted and valued supplier to academic, industrial, OEM and government facilities.

  • 50 years manufacturing:
  • Optical tables & accessories
  • Breadboards & Platforms
  • Workstations
  • Isolation legs
  • Custom & OEM products

Elliot Scientific is able to offer expert advice on selecting the best in vibration control, so please contact us with details of your application and we will be happy to help.

Want to get a new angle on the table? Add a Siskiyou MXT Tilt Platform

MXT Tilt Platform
MXT Fixed Angle Tilt Platform

Siskiyou LogoSiskiyou manufacture three different designs of tilt platform for researchers and experimenters:

Tilt Platform
The MXT (left) is a small, stable tilt platform offering from zero to 45° by adjusting a control at the back of the stage. It is spring-loaded, to minimise backlash, and has a non-influencing foil lock to fix the platform in place.

MXT Adjustable Tilt PlatformAdjustable Tilt Platforms
These variable angle platforms (right) from Siskiyou support up to 2¼ kg, are easy to use, offer positive or negative vertical configuration, and come in three convenient sizes: 1.5" x 1.75" with 8 tapped holes, and 2.5" x 3.5" or 3.5" x 2.5", both with 18 tapped holes.

Fixed Angle Tilt Platforms
This rock solid design of tilt platform (left) uses an adjustable wedge format for the fixed angle setups. There are two models: the 3" square MX3T with 5 preset angles, and the 5" square MX5T with 7 preset angles. Both can support a load of up to 23 kg. The angle is changed by moving link arms to the desired position.

Please contact us for more information.

NoIR delivers eye protection from intense light sources

NoIR LaserShields

NoIR LaserShields offer a broad range of filters and frames for eye protection from intense light sources such as lasers and LEDs.

NoIR have been manufacturing high-quality internationally-certified safety eyewear for the protection of laser users in a broad range of fields and applications for many years now. Their filters offer protection from:

    NoIR logo
  • Lasers, LEDs and other strong light sources
  • Multiple waveband devices
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic systems
  • Laser pens (For pilots and the emergency services)

Elliot Scientific is able to offer expert advice on selecting the best in cost-effective laser safety. So, if you are an academic, beautician or clinician, we can protect your eyes. Contact us with details of your laser or ultra-bright light source application and we will be happy to help.

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers are tough filters

CODIXX colorPol filters

The CODIXX range of robust, dichroic glass-based colorPol® polarisers pass or stop polarised light, modulate or reduce brightness, diminish noise and lots more. With over two dozen standard colorPol® versions available for use throughout the UV, Vis, NIR and mid-IR wavelength ranges, CODIXX have released two catalogues to help you choose the right polariser for your application.

CODIXX colorPol® polarisers deliver:

  • High contrast ratiosCODIXX filters
  • High transmittance values
  • Large acceptance angles
  • Resistance to UV radiation and chemicals
  • Resistance to temperatures up to +400 °C

The colorPol® catalogue is complemented by a High Transmission brochure especially for the telecoms industry. Do contact us for details about both standard and custom filters.

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