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June 2018  

The Elliot Scientific June 2018 Newsletter: In this issue we reveal new ultrafast fiber lasers from IPG Photonics, uncover new fiber-optic thermometry systems by Rugged Monitoring, reintroduce Tecella patch clamp amplifiers to the UK and Ireland, and announce new mounts for square optics from the Siskiyou Corporation, plus Photonex Scotland and more...

New ultrafast fibre lasers from IPG Photonics

IPG Ultrafast Laser
IPG Ultrafast Laser
IPG Ultrafast Laser

IPG Photonics has developed a range of green, infrared, and mid-IR high speed fibre and fiber-to-bulk hybrid lasers operating in the pico and femtosecond regimes, making them ideal for scientific and medical research. Material processing applications, such as flat panel displays; thin films; and semiconductor processing, can also benefit.

IPG logoThe infrared pulsed fibre lasers are available at 1.06 µm, with powers up to 100 W; 1.5 µm, with powers up to 10 W; and 2 µm, with powers up to 20 W. Non-linear external conversion can produce a 5W 520 nm green, or 355 nm nanosecond laser.

Picosecond and femtosecond pulsed lasers are available in the infrared up to 10 W at 1.5 µm, up to 100 W at 1.06 µm or as a second harmonic source up to 5 W at 515 nm. Femto pulse lasers range from 400 to 600 fs, pico pulse models range from 10 ps to 1 ns. For some models the pulse duration can be adjusted by the user.

For more information about these or other lasers from IPG, please contact us.

New fibre-optic thermometry systems by Rugged Monitoring

Rugged Monitoring logo
Rugged Monitoring instruments

Rugged Monitoring is a new company formed by veteran fibre optic engineers. This industry leading team has over 100 years of combined experience, and is committed to delivering customisable fibre optic based sensing solutions for challenging applications.

Rugged Monitoring currently offers two multi-channel instruments compatible with a wide range of fibre optic temperature sensors from both themselves and other companies.

The architecture is based on proven GaAs technology with inbuilt redundancy. It also does not require calibration and has been designed to offer simplicity of use with plug and play operation.

Rugged Monitoring fibre optic temperature sensors are highly responsive, intrinsically safe and immune to external influences such as electromagnetic fields, corrosion, and vibration.

Used together, the right combination of sensor and instrument deliver Rugged Monitoring's promise of precision, reliability, and high performance. Please contact us for further details.

New GMx mounts for square optics from Siskiyou

Siskiyou Logo

A new range of mounts for square optics, such as diffraction gratings, have been unveiled by Siskiyou Corporation.

  • Dovetail slides - Simple, with a high stiffness and load capacity
  • Ball bearing - Low friction offers smoother action, but with reduced loading
  • Crossed roller bearings - High stiffness and load capacity with precision bidirectional straightness

All are lockable and can be ordered with either imperial or metric threads. In addition, most models are 25 mm (1") in height, except the low profile models which are 12.5 mm (½") or less. Vacuum compatible versions and ready-built multi-axis assemblies are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Tecella patch clamp amplifiers now available through Elliot Scientific in UK and Ireland

Pico patch clamp amplifier
Tecella logo
Triton multichannel amplifier


  • Whole cell
    • Vclamp
    • Iclamp
  • Single-channel recording
    • Patch
    • Planar lipid bilayer
    • Synthetic nanopore
  • Cellular electrochemistry

Tecella has supplied electrophysiology measuring systems since 2007, allowing pharmaceutical researchers to rapidly screen drugs and medical compounds and thereby accelerate and improve new drug discovery.

Elliot Scientific is now able to a range of instruments from Tecella for this fundamental technique. These include their popular single channel Pico 2, right up to the gargantuan 384-channel Apollo - designed for high-throughput screening.

In addition to electrophysiology, researchers working in electrochemistry, MEMS and other biotech fields can benefit from Tecella's highly scalable amplifier architectures and fully customisable software and hardware solutions. Please contact us for more inofrmation.

This week, meet Elliot Scientific at...

Photonex Scotland logo

Photonex Scotland
14th June 2018, University of Edinburgh

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