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April 2019  

The Elliot Scientific April 2019 Newsletter: In this issue Gamma Scientific introduce a motorised iris for the RS-7 SpectralLED tuneable light source, Lake Shore manage to go low with calibrated Ruthenium Oxide temperature sensors for extreme cryogenic measurements, Siskiyou make mounts movable from above for those tricky optical breadboard set-ups, and we announce that our Applications section packed with useful information for scientists is now live, plus Focus on Microscopy 2019 in Westminster next week.

Motorised iris option introduced for RS-7 tuneable LED light source

RS-7-IRIS animation
Gamma Scientific logo
Gamma Scientific RS-7 SpectralLED

Gamma Scientific has just announced the release of their RS-7 IRIS option that allows easy adjustment of the light source's output intensity.

This new enhancement for the SpectralLED® family of uniform intensity tuneable light sources considerably increases the dynamic range of the light source. It is particularly useful for irradiance testing and characterisation of bare sensors.

The stepper motor controlled iris provides a variable output aperture which is fully integrated into the light source architecture. Available for both the visible and SWIR output models, the standard RS-7 firmware includes aperture control and additional API commands.

About the RS-7 SpectralLED®
The RS-7 base platform incorporates the latest LED technology available. The RS-7 VIS series contains 35 discrete wavelength LEDs, delivering a nearly continuous spectrum from 380 to 1000 nm. This allows for an unprecedented colour gamut and applications otherwise impossible for traditional halogen or LED light sources.

The SpectralLED® SWIR series employs LEDs at 9 discrete wavelengths from 900 to 1700 nm in the short-wave infrared portion of the spectrum, providing a fully programmable spectra with highly uniform and stable output.

For more info please contact us, or visit our new dedicated RS-7 page.

Siskyou IVM series mounts make optical adjustments easier on packed breadboards

IVM Series Mounts
Siskiyou logo

Siskiyou manufacture the IVM series of top-adjusted vertical optical mounts for half, one and two inch optics.

They are fitted with precision rolled 100 TPI screws with hex or knob adjusters, Siskiyou's unique zero crosstalk system for guaranteed true orthogonal motion between the X and Y axes, and a patented spring-loaded pivot to ensure stability.

Performance Specifications   IVM100.05M   IVM100 IVM200
Optic size (mm) 12.5 (½") 25 (1") 50 (2")
Controllable motion (min)  7.9 arc sec 3.8 arc sec   2.3 arc sec

Please contact us for details about these and other Siskiyou products for the optical table, or visit our Siskiyou for Photonics pages.

ULT Rox: Ruthenium Oxide sensors for Ultra Low Temperature measurements

ULT Rox Sensor
Lake Shore logo
Model 372 Controller

As base temperatures are pushed down by dilution refrigerator system manufacturers, the requirement for simple and accurate temperature measurement expands.

To meet this need, a new resistive temperature device (RTD) in the form of the RX-102B-RS sensor from Lake Shore, can maintain sensitivity well below 10 mK.

Building on the success of the previous generation RX-102B, this sensor has improved thermal conductivity and optical radiation shielding to minimise unwanted heating.

When paired with the Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller, the sensor/instrument combination is ideal for simplified temperature monitoring or controlling below 50 mK.

Lake Shore is extending the boundary of world-class metrology by offering calibrations down to 10 mK for these sensors, and including additional extrapolated points to 5 mK for selected models to provide an easier method for determining temperature in this ultra cold region with reasonable accuracy.

For more information, please contact us.

White papers, application notes and more to support your science

Lake Shore logo
Lyncee Tec logo
Lyncee Tec logo
Lyncee Tec logo

We now have a section on our website that features application notes, white papers and science papers related to some of the products we distribute. The section is split into categories for:

Within these groups can be found documents from Lake Shore Cryotronics, Lyncée Tec, OZ Optics, Prizmatix, WITec et al detailing how their equipment or science techniques can aid the researcher. We hope you find them useful.

Next week, meet Elliot Scientific at...

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Focus on Microscopy 2019
QEII Conference Centre, Westminster
April 14th to 17th

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