Back in 1973, Martock Design Ltd. began developing and manufacturing a range of high precision instruments and equipment. Their first XYZ flexure stage design followed in 1982 and soon became popular in the research community. This was followed by numerous micropositioning stages and accessories designed in conjunction with end users. Elliot Scientific was appointed global distributor in 1992, and began manufacturing the precision positioning product range under the Elliot|Martock brand name three years later. By 2003, thirty years after its formation, Martock Design had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Elliot Scientific.


  •  Flexure Stages: Manual or Piezo
  •  Fibre Launch Solutions
  •  Six Axis Positioners
  •  Automated Alignment Controllers
  •  Accessories

Elliot|Martock delivers high precision device manipulation through its range of Elliot Gold™ series XYZ flexure stages. Derived from the immensely popular original stage invented and patented by Martock Design, the range enables fibre launch systems for single-mode, multimode, and polarisation maintaining fibres, as well as waveguide alignment. The arcuate displacement (vertical displacement due to longitudinal flexure motion) is up to 4 times better than competing products.

  •  Ultra Small Linear Stages: 3 mm Travel
  •  Very Small Linear Stages: 5 mm Travel
  •  Small Linear Stages: 10 mm Travel
  •  Rotation & Tilt Stages
  •  XY Lens Positioners

Elliot|Martock is a name synonymous with one of the most comprehensive ranges of compact linear stages available. Marketed by Elliot Scientific under the Elliot|Martock brand, these precision engineered dovetail slides are offered in a range of sizes and travel ranges with a smooth backlash-free motion. Different configurations, such as X, XY and XYZ, rotation and tilt, and vacuum compatible versions are available to suit diverse applications.

  •  Multiple-axis manipulation
  •  Complete Professional Workstation
  •  Central Workstation
  •  Long or short travel options
  •  Rack & Pinion Slide

Elliot|Martock has designed two flexure stage based assemblies for the precise alignment of both input and output fibres to an optical waveguide device. The MDE881 Professional Workstation is offered in a choice of standard or long travel motion. For applications where the geometry of the MDE881 is not suitable, Elliot Scientific offers the system as key component parts to allowing custom set-ups to be configured on an optical table or breadboard.

  •  Precision adjusters
  •  Ultrafine adjusters
  •  Simple adjusters
  •  Miniature adjusters
  •  Micrometers

Elliot|Martock includes a comprehensive range adjusters for stages, slides and OEM applications. Manual adjusters range from simple thumbwheels with up to 12 mm of travel, to high precision ultra-fine micrometers.

  •  Standard travel piezo adjuster: 25 µm
  •  Long travel piezo adjuster: 100 µm
  •  Very long travel adjuster: 200 µm
  •  Motor driven adjuster: 8 mm travel
  •  Accessories

Elliot|Martock offers several piezo adjusters for applications requiring greater resolution than that achievable manually, or where hands free operation of the positioning system is required. Piezo operation can be via an Elliot Scientific automatic controller or a compatible 0-150 volt system. A motorised adjuster is also available for applications requiring lower resolution.

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