EXFO Fiber Test and Measurement
  • Intelligent Test Systems
  • Cable Assembly Testing
  • High-Speed Power Meters
  • Light Sources & Variable Attenuators
EXFO offer an extensive range of lab test equipment for fibre optic network simulation, load and protocol testing. In addition, a range of portable and benchtop optical instruments that include light sources, power meters and spectrum analysers are available for communication system developers.

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LTB Modular Test Systems - EXFO
Scalable, flexible solutions for network testing from EXFO    Lab Platforms    EXFO offer several platforms that offer scalable and flexible solutions for fast and efficient testing. The latest EXFO LTB-8 and LTB-1 systems deliver unmatched testing automation, co....
Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld
EXFO's comprehensive range of test equipment    Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld    EXFO offer a comprehensive range of benchtop and portable test instruments, delivering top performance and pinpoint accuracy for the optical communications la....
Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes (PSO Series)
Optical signals over fibre analysis from EXFO    PSO Series Equipment    With the advent of new advanced modulation schemes that enable transmission of high-speed optical signals over fibre, research centres, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) - and even carr....
OSICS - Multifunction platform
Modular platform for fibre-optic component testing    OSICS Multifunction Modular Platform    EXFO's acquisition of Yenista Optics has enabled us to offer the OSICS multifunction modular platform - formerly manufactured by Anritsu. This instrument has the widest ....

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