• Intelligent Test Systems & Cable Assembly Testing
• High-Speed Power Meters
• Light Sources & Variable Attenuators

EXFO's Intelligent Test Systems offer choices from the following in one instrument: Power Meter, Light Source, ASE Broadband Source, WDM Laser Source, EDFA Booster, Variable Attenuator, PDL Meter, Polarisation Scrambler, Return-loss Meter, OSA and Optical Switch. For other test equipment, see below.

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IQS Modular Test Systems - EXFO
A flexible systems-based approach to optical- and protocol-layer test and measurement    IQS-600 Intelligent Qualification System    Comprehensive range of plug-in test modules   Highly intuitive Graphical User Interface   Ethernet, GPIB and....
IQS-2800 ITLA Tunable Laser Source - EXFO
Up to 36 continuous wave high power lasers in one box    IQS-2800 ITLA Tunable Laser Source    The recent upsurge in bandwidth requirements by carriers is pushing next-generation transmission systems to achieve new capacity limits via use of complex high-order mod....
MXS-9100 - MEMS Matrix Optical Switch
Any number of M input fibres can connect to any number of N output fibres    MXS-9100 MEMS MxN Matrix Optical Switch    The new MXS-9100 optical switch is the perfect solution for centralised instrument sharing or automated testing in manufacturing. With its all-opti....
Optical Sampling Oscilloscopes (PSO Series)
Optical signals over fibre analysis from EXFO    PSO Series Equipment    With the advent of new advanced modulation schemes that enable transmission of high-speed optical signals over fibre, research centres, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) - and even carriers ....
Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld
EXFO's comprehensive range of test equipment    Standalone Instruments - Benchtop & Handheld    EXFO offer a comprehensive range of benchtop and portable test instruments, delivering top performance and pinpoint accuracy. Choose from: Power Meters: An acti....

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