• Reflex: Fibre Optic Thermometer
• OmniFlex: Rackmounted Multi-channel Temperature Monitor
• Nomad: Portable Fibre Optic Thermometer

Neoptix designs and manufactures fibre optic temperature sensors and instrumentation for manual and automated measurements in laboratory and industrial applications. These systems are used in many fields of application, in particular for temperature measurement in high voltage and microwave applications where optically-routed signals are unaffected by electromagnetic fields and large voltage gradients.

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Nomad: Portable Thermometer
Fibre Optic Portable Thermometer    NEOPTIX NOMAD-Touch™    The NEOPTIX NOMAD-Touch™ offers impressive versatility from a rechargeable touchscreen device. This single-channel fibre-optic thermometer allows you to freely move from one area to anoth....
Reflex™ for 1 - 4 Channels
Single to quad channel multi-purpose fibre optic thermometer    Reflex™     The Neoptix™ Reflex™ is a multi-purpose fibre optic temperature thermometer that can have up to 4-channel capability. This allows the user to take several temperature measurements for bett....
OmniFlex Rackmount Chassis for up to 64 Channels
Multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitoring system    OmniFlex Rackmount Chassis    The NeoptixTM OmniFlexTM­ System is a fully upgradeable, multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitoring system featuring up to 64 channels per chassis and up to 512 cha....
OmniFlex 2 Rackmount Chassis for up to 104 Channels
OFX-2 Multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitor with touchscreen    OmniFlex 2 Rackmount Chassis System    The NeoptixTM OmniFlexTM 2 System is a multi-channel fibre optic temperature monitoring system field upgradeable to as many as 104 channels. The unit ....
Neoptix OptiLink Software
Versatile control and datalogging software    Neoptix OptiLink Software    The Neoptix OptiLink software allows use of your fiber optic temperature monitoring system in a highly flexible manner. OptiLink features direct data logging of the temperature information ....

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