Nufern Fiber Optics
  • Polarisation-maintaining & Planar Waveguide Fibre
  • Photosensitive Fibres & Metalised Fibre Tails
  • Select Cut-off, High NA & Doped fibres
The world's leading manufacturer of application-specific speciality fibre, Nufern provides the engineering resources and production capabilities you need for the development of your next optically-enabled product.

The fibres they make include rare earth doped fibres for lasers and amplifiers, gyroscope fibres and other polarisation maintaining fibres, extreme duty and radiation hard fibres for aerospace, as well as photosensitive and other single-mode fibres.

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Speciality Optical Fibre
Leading edge optical fibre specialists    Nufern Speciality Optical Fibre     Nufern makes speciality optical fibre, pigtails and other solutions for telecom component, aerospace, fibre laser and integrated circuit manufacturers.   For example, rare earth doped f....

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. We have the flexibility to develop prototypes and the manufacturing expertise to produce in large volume.

Please call with your needs or ideas: we’re here to help.

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