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Vescent Photonics is a technology driven organisation developing and manufacturing novel electro-optic, waveguide, and laser technologies. Key research areas for Vescent products are the Magneto-Optical Trap (MOT) for laser-cooling of atoms, coherent atom sources, sensors for gravitometry and magnetometry, focused ion beams, ultrasensitive trace-isotope analysis, and quantum computing and cryptography. The company is privately held by the original scientist and engineer founders, one of whom - Mike Anderson - was part of the group that created the first Bose-Einstein condensate.

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Accessory Modules - Vescent Photonics
Electro-optic and Optical Ancilliaries    Vescent Accessory Modules    Vescent optical and electro-optical modules are designed to provide rugged, vibration immune operation in a small foot print. Innovative uses of liquid crystal and waveguide technologies provid....
Electrical Modules - Vescent Photonics
Power Supply, Controller, and Servos    Vescent Electronics for Lasers & Electro-Optics    Vescent laser and electro-optic control electronics provide the lowest noise, highest bandwidth, and most flexibility of any commercially available products. From laser ....
Narrow Linewidth Lasers
Ultra-stable and with a large mode hop-free tuning range    Vescent Narrow Linewidth Lasers    Vescent narrow linewidth CW lasers are constructed without moving parts or piezos, and with very short laser cavities. This unique combination provides Vescent narrow li....

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