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Gamma Scientific and its UDTi and RoadVista subsidiaries produce LED, display, high- and low-level (NVIS) light measurement test solutions for production, quality control and R&D environments. Fifty years of experience in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology ensures Gamma Scientific's laboratory grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, colourimeters and light sources are among the best in the world.

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Integrating Spheres - Gamma Scientific
Integrating spheres from 25 mm to 3 m in diameter    Integrating spheres    Gamma Scientific integrating spheres are available in a wide range of sizes, port options, and internal coatings. The multi-purpose integrating spheres offer unparalleled flexibility and c....
Light Sources - Gamma Scientific
Calibrated filament and LED illumination for a broad range of applications    Light Sources    Gamma Scientific offers a choice of light sources for calibration and metrology appplications, as well as photography, medical imaging, machine vision, sensor testing, a....
Photometers, Radiometers, and Photodetectors
Luminosity, luminance, illuminance, intensity, radiant, and irradiance measurement    Photometers, Radiometers, and Photodetectors    Gamma Scientific's UDT Instruments division offer a broad selection of systems for photometry - the measurement of the intensity of li....
RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer
Leading-edge sensitivity for Night Vision tests RadOMA™ NVIS Spectroradiometer NVIS Spectroradiometer Features Measurements down to 0.000015 cd/m² Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage Near-real-time measurement High resolution: 0.6 nm/pixel Spectral range 380 - 930 nm....
RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers
Wavelength intensity measurement from Gamma Scientific    RadOMA™ Spectroradiometers    Gamma Scientific RadOMA™ spectroradiometers feature a proprietary optical design and back thinned CCD technology that provides exceptional low-light measurements, superior blue lig....
Reflectometers - Gamma Scientific
Handheld, semi and fully automatic reflectometry    Reflectometers    Gamma Scientific reflectometer systems are ideal for manufacturers who need to obtain fast and accurate reflectance measurements for flat panel display glass, anti-reflection coating inspection,....

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