Prizmatix LEDs for Optogenetics and Fluorescence
  • High-power collimated and fibre-coupled LED Light Sources
  • Wavelengths available from UV to Red
  • White Light and Multiple LED Sources
Prizmatix specialises in LED illumination systems for industrial applications, and science, especially in microscopy and optogenetics research.

The Prizmatix High Power and Ultra-High-Power (UHP) models are built using the most powerful single-chip LEDs available. These versatile illumination solutions offer:

The modular systems deliver flexibility with a collimated beam. Fitted with a standard SM1 thread at the port, they can be fitted with a variety of accessories such as a fibre coupler adaptor, beam combiner, filter wheel, and more. The accessories are easy to fit and swap, so different set-ups only take minutes.

High efficiency
The fibre-coupled LED models have a highly efficient coupling that optimises the output such that these systems deliver roughly 1.5x more light when compared to Prizmatix LEDs used with a fibre adaptor. The LED controller is in-built to maximise its compactness.

Wide range of powers
High Power LED models are equipped with a 1 mm² single chip LED and can deliver up to 300 mW of optical power, while the UHP models have a 12 mm² single chip LED punching out up to 5 W of optical power. (As measured after the collimating optics)

Broad range of wavelengths
Choose from dozens of standard LEDs that operate at monochromatic wavelengths between 340 and 940 nm, and 'white' light models with a choice of spectral outputs. Deep UV and IR LEDs are also available on request.

Each of the extremely low-noise LED controllers has TTL and analogue input. In combination with a USB-control box, the LEDs can be controlled from a PC using µManager, LabView, Matlab or directly using HyperTerminal commands. An optional photodiode feedback loop enables the LEDs to be power stabilised.

In addition to fibre coupling adaptors, collimators and filter wheels, custom-made fibres and fibre bundles with high numerical apertures of up to 0.63 are available. Optogenetics researchers can also order cannulae, rotary joints, and programmable signal generators for use in their experiments.

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