Fibercryst Single Crystal Fibre Laser
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Fibercryst was established in 2003 in order to develop innovative single crystal fibre (SCF) technologies for high energy physics and lasers. Working in cooperation with Lyon University, Fibercryst patented the Taranis high power laser gain module in 2010. Further development with the Laboratoire Charles Fabry of Institut d’Optique (LCFIO) has resulted in several more patents and a leading position in the field of laser SCF technology. Commercial products now include the Taranis laser amplifier and the FEMTO industrial laser.

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Fibercryst Laser Systems
High energy pulsed lasers    Fibercryst Laser Systems    Femtosecond Laser FEMTO is a powerful industrial femtosecond pulse width laser offering output powers up to 30 W for high throughput, high quality micromachining. The lase....
Taranis Laser Gain Modules
Laser gain systems with Nd:YAG or Yb:YAG fibre crystals    Taranis Modules    The Taranis module by Fibercryst is a unique solution to provide high peak power and high energy amplification using a simple and compact design. It offers: Conservation of seed la....

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