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Optical Tweezers - Application Notes

Optical Tweezers - Application Notes
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Optical Tweezers - Application Notes
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Demonstrating the capabilities of the E3500 Optical Tweezers system   

Optical Tweezers - Application Notes   

A number of experiments were commissioned by Elliot Scientific to test and demonstrate the capabilities of the standard E3500 Optical Tweezers system. These were undertaken by a team at St. Andrews University and are presented as a series of Application Notes with accompanying videos.
These notes can be downloaded as PDFs below or from the Documents tab above, as well as read, magazine style, on Issuu.


1. Trap Stiffness

2. Trapping and Manipulation of Multiple Cells and Cell Adherence

3. Cell Stretching

4. Photoporation and Transfection of Cells with Pulsed Laser Light

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File Name Size Link
ES 3x3 Grid Manipulation Video 6.12MiB Download
ES 5x5 Grid Manipulation Video 6.8MiB Download
ES HEK Adhesion Video 6.85MiB Download
ES HL60 Optoinjection 1 Video 5.65MiB Download
ES HL60 Optoinjection 2 Video 8.39MiB Download
ES RBC Array Video 7.84MiB Download
ES RBC Flip Video 4.59MiB Download
ES RBC Stretch 1 Video 4.62MiB Download
ES RBC Stretch 2 Video 4.55MiB Download
ES TRA 3x3 Array Video 4.04MiB Download
ES Tweezer Application Note 1 850.75KiB Download
ES Tweezer Application Note 2 970.21KiB Download
ES Tweezer Application Note 3 771.71KiB Download
ES Tweezer Application Note 4 797.25KiB Download
Optical Tweezers Brochure 2019 724.66KiB Download
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