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Integrated Optics add two new laser wavelengths: 445 and 488 nm

Ultra-compact 445 nm laser module
Ultra-compact 488nm laser module

Integrated Optics UAB has expanded their range of MatchBox™ series CW Micro Lasers by introducing 445 nm and 488 nm models for applications in chemistry and biophotonics.

The MatchBox™ series includes both DPSS and direct diode lasers with a wide range of output wavelengths - from 405 nm to 1342 nm - with either free space or fibre coupled outputs.

With a small, robust and easy to integrate form factor, which is enabled by the monolithic design and semi-automated precision assembly process, the MatchBox™ series has the best power, size, and price ratio in the market, making them ideal as a research-grade laser.

  • Dozens of wavelengths
  • Optional SLM models
  • Ultra-low optical noise
  • Sealed laser head
  • Very compact size
  • Optional fibre coupling

For availability and technical specifications of these lasers, please contact us.

The Energetiq® Next Generation LDLSTM is now available from Elliot Scientific

Energetiq EQ-99X LDLS


  • CW laser plasma
  • Very high brightness
  • 170 to 2100 nm
  • Extra long life
  • Excellent stability
  • SMA fibre-coupled option - EQ-99XFC

Energetiq has introduced a new EQ-99X-Series of LDLS - laser-driven light sources - that benefit from ultraclean construction to give greater long-term stability and an extended operating life. In addition, the fibre-coupled EQ-99XFC LDLS features Fiber-Protection Technology™, a new technique that improves long-term deep ultraviolet output by a significant amount.
These revolutionary award-winning lamps, with focusable high brightness, broad spectral range, high stability, long life, and low cost of ownership, have set a new standard in the available illumination technologies for scientists. Typical applications are:

  • HPLC & high performance spectroscopy
  • Advanced imaging & microscope illumination
  • Environmental analysis & monitoring
  • Materials characterisation & sample testing
  • Gas phase measurements
  • New datasheets are already available for download:
If you have an application that requires stable and very bright illumination, please contact us as we have the solution.

Need Laser Safety Eyewear? Choose NoIR LaserShields®

NoIR Logo

Laser Safety Eyewear by NoIR

NoIR LaserShields® deliver an extensive range of filters for protection against specific or combined laser wavelengths, making their eyewear particularly suitable for research, manufacturing, medical, aviation, police and security personnel.
A broad choice of quality frames to suit the application and pocket are available, along with a selection of disposable products specifically for medical and aesthetic clinics.

All the NoIR products Elliot Scientific offer are CE-Certified (EN207/208)

NoIR has been manufacturing laser safety eyewear for multiple applications since 1996, following its creation by parent company NoIR Medical Technologies.
Full details of filter groups and frame styles, as well as datasheets and CE Certificates, can be found within our comprehensive product pages.
If you have a requirement for laser eye protection, it is important that you contact us with details of the laser involved so we can advise on the best choice of filter and frame combination before ordering.

A top (optical) table is not complete without Elliot Martock

Miniature Positioner

MDE122 Flexure Stage

MDE510 Fibre Launch System

EM Logo

Elliot Martock high-resolution (under half a micron) precision miniature slides have been popular with scientists and OEMs for nearly 40 years.
With a useful selection of Small, Very Small and Ultra Small models (with travels of 10, 5 and 3 mm respectively), the range satisfies many requirements for a stable and compact precision stage in both research and industry.
Our market-leading micro-positioners offer single, dual and three axis configurations with a variety of adjustment options such as simple screws to precision micrometers. A number of accessories - such as post adaptors - complement each range to further enhance their flexibility of use, and we also offer tilt and rotation mechanisms.
Our Gold Series Flexure Stages are our best export. Scientists and engineers around the globe recognise that these are the best performing and best value high-resolution XYZ positioners in the world. They feature:

  • 20 nm resolution with 2 mm travel per axis
  • Excellent operation and superb long term stability
  • Great versatility from a petite package

These precision engineered stages are highly adaptable for use in a multitude of situations. Choose from systems preconfigured for fibre launch, such as free space light into photonic crystal fibres, or for alignment of other types of optical device. Note that we offer a number of left and/or right-handed ready-built configurations at lower cost when compared to purchasing individual parts.
Once again, these positioners come with a choice of adjustment options. Simple thumbwheels, precision micrometers, and piezo driven adjusters are available for use in any combination. An extensive range of add-ons, accessories, and attachments ensure that most applications can be satisfied. If not, contact us for a custom solution.
For more details about UK manufactured Elliot Martock products, including specifications and dimensioned drawings, please contact us.

SPIE International Year of Light Photo Contest

International Year of Light 2015 Logo

Painting with light

2015 has been declared The International Year of Light by UNESCO to help raise global awareness of how important light-based technologies are to sustainable development and the provision of solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture, and health.
Sponsored and organised by SPIE - the international society for optics and photonics, the IYL 2015 Photo Contest is open to photographers of all ages from around the world.
Up to two photos can be submitted that show light or a light-based technology as used in everyday life. Photos are not required to be scientific but they should include a scientific theme or communicate the message of the International Year of Light in some way.
Entries in the SPIE International Year of Light photo contest must be received by 30 September 2014, with prizes of up to $2,500 awarded in 2015.

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