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New SERS/SEF substrates significantly enhance Raman signal

SERS Substrates


Substrate surface texcture

The Ato ID™ Randa Plasmonic Sensor is designed to strengthen signals in both the visible and IR wavelength ranges for both Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and Surface Enhanced Fluorescence (SEF).

  • Ideal for visible and IR laser wavelengths
  • Significantly enhances Raman signal
  • Developed for high sensitivity trace detection applications
  • Coated with 99.99% silver
  • Active area: 4 x 4 mm (typical)
  • Overall carrier size 25 x 25 x 1 mm thick
  • Compatible with use of cover slip over the active SERS area

The base substrate is soda-lime glass, which exhibits relatively weak inherent Raman scattering and so does not interfere with the sample signal. The active region comprises a pure silver coating over the proprietary nanofabricated base (patent pending).
All 'Randa' Raman substrates are vacuum sealed in a cleanroom environment for ease of handling, and the monolithic structure eliminates risk of contaminants that can arise with glued or chemically treated types.
Please contact us for more information.

New DSP50 Multiphase Linear Stage from mechOnics

Piezo inertial drives

New DSP50

mechOnics offer an extensive range of very small (minimum footprint 15 x 15 mm) piezo-driven stepper-motor stages in single, dual and three-axis configurations. Specifications vary depending on the stage and its controller combination, but most offer low hysteresis, holding without current, superior step widths and positioning accuracy.

The newly announced DSP50 Multiphase Linear Stage brings up to 16 N blocking force over a travel range of 10 mm and an extremely uniform movement thanks to use of multiple piezo inertia drives. Movement detection is by optical sensor, enabling 1 nm precision and high repeatability at speeds of up to 1 mm/s.

Stages are available with different ranges of travel, depending on their size, and some models can be ordered for UHV and/or low temprature operation. Other systems from mechOnics include a Miniature Monomode Coupler for optical fibre, and a mirror tilting mount with up to 6° of rotational movement.

Contact us for details of the mechOnics range and how they can improve your application.

Next month: Photonex Roadshows in Edinburgh and Cambridge plus CLEO:2014 in San Jose

Photonex Scotland logo


Photonex Cambridge logo

The Photonex Roadshow events start next month, beginning June 4th in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University, and then June 18th at Robinson College, Cambridge. The UK’s top photonics technology suppliers, leading researchers, and invited speakers will come together for these very special one-day events.
In between the two Roadshows, CLEO:2014 takes places in San Jose. From June 10th to 12th we will be exhibiting our wares in Booth 2120 at the annual Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics. Billed as the world’s most prestigious technical conference in the photonics industry, CLEO has over 300 companies from around the globe showing new products and demonstrating cutting-edge innovations.
If you are attending any of these events, do drop by to say hello.

EXFO: TKS-CAL provides in-house instrument verification, FIP-400B automates fibre inspection

TKS-CAL Optical Calibration Kit


FIP-400B Fibre Inspection Probe

EXFO has launched the TKS-CAL Optical Calibration Kit to provide in-house instrument verification, putting users in control of all their calibration operations. The system enables manual calibration of power meters as well as verification of light sources, attenuators and OTDRs without causing any downtime and costly shipping. Flexible and modular, it is designed to evolve as needs change.

The FIP-400B automated and intelligent fibre inspection solution, has been designed by EXFO to speed up and simplify connector inspection. This intelligent test tool transforms fibre inspection into a fast and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results.
The system detects dirty and/or damaged connectors with precision, displaying a digital image of the connector with three available levels of magnification.
A wide range of adaptor tips, for both single fibre and multifibre connector inspection, make the FIP-400B ideal for use in fieldwork and the research laboratory.

For more information, please contact us.

TimePro™ Kinetic Spectroscopy and FilmPro™ Thickness Measurement introduced by CRAIC




CRAIC Technologies has developed software to measure time-dependent changes of microscopic samples in full UV-VIS-NIR reflectance, absorbance and emission spectra.

The new CRAIC TimePro™ Kinetic Spectroscopy package is designed to be used with CRAIC Technology’s microspectrophotometers and their controlling Lambdafire™ software. CRAIC TimePro™ allows the user to monitor changes in the spectra over time, providing a unique and valuable tool for chemists and biological researchers.

CRAIC FilmPro™ is a film thickness measurement software package developed for CRAIC microspectrophotometers equipped with the Lambdafire™ software. It allows the user to rapidly measure the thickness of thin films and analyse many materials on both transparent and opaque substrates.

FilmPro™ is ideal for determining the thin film thickness on semiconductors, MEMS devices, disk drives, flat panel displays, and more. This powerful and flexible software can be used in many different fields and in everything from research to industrial settings.

Please contact us for more information about these products.

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