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Fibre Optic Temperature Measurement
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Brand: Rugged Monitoring Model: Rugged Monitoring Systems
Fibre Optic Thermometry    Temperature Measurement Systems by Rugged Monitoring    Automotive & Aerospace Battery technology Charging systems Electric motors Engines & turbines Medical Scanner systems: MRI, NMR, etc. ..
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GAEA-2 Ultra HDTV 10MP phase only SLM    GAEA-2 Ultra HDTV 4k resolution (4160 x 2464 max) Pixel pitch: 3.74 µm Fill factor: 90% Active area: 15.56 x 9.22 mm Signal type: HDMI-2 60 Hz image frame rate Phase only modulation Reflective LCOS microdisplay ..
In-vivo Optogenetics Products
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Brand: Prizmatix Model: Prizmatix Optogenetics Products
Setups for Optogenetics    In-vivo products for optogenetics Prizmatix offer a full range of modules for in-vivo optogenetics. Starting from single wavelength plug-and-go Optogenetics-LED kits, to multi-wavelength systems for activation and silencing of photosensitive and p..
Light Sources - Gamma Scientific
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Brand: Gamma Scientific Model: Gamma Scientific Light Sources
Calibrated filament illumination for a broad range of metrology applications    Light Sources    Gamma Scientific offers a choice of light sources for calibration and metrology appplications, as well as photography, medical imaging, machine vision, sensor testing,..
LTB Modular Test Systems - EXFO
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Brand: EXFO Model: EXFO LTB Platforms
Scalable, flexible solutions for network testing from EXFO    Lab Platforms    EXFO offer several platforms that offer scalable and flexible solutions for fast and efficient testing. The latest EXFO LTB-8 and LTB-1 systems deliver unmatched testing automation, con..
MDE881 - Elliot Gold™ Series Professional Workstation
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Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE881
Elliot Gold™ Professional Workstation    MDE881    Optical workstation with six independent axes of manipulation. Designed for precise alignment of both input and output fibres to an optical waveguide device. 6-Axis precision manipulation All 6 axes are tr..
Optical Breadboards, Optical benches- ex-demo
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Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Ex_demo Optical bench
Optical table -  EX-DEMO **  Elliot Scientific have an ex-demo optical table ( subject to availability) now available as it it surplus to requirements after our move to a new facility. The ESL  "beastie" is one of the deep , high stability types,  and is a Newport tabl..
Single-Axis Nanopositioners
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Brand: nPoint Model: nPoint Single-Axis Nanopositioners
Compact single-axis nanopositioning piezo stages    nPoint Single Axis Nanopositioners    nPoint offer a range of piezo-driven flexure-guided nanopositioners that can be used in a wide variety of environments including ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Engineered for mo..
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Brand: Prizmatix Model: Prizmatix Microscopy LED Light Sources
Broadly Tunable Laser in the Mid-IR TITAN CW BROADLY TUNABLE LASER The extraordinary Titan is the pioneer commercial fully-automated mid-infrared continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator (CW OPO). Introduced to the market in 2018, Titan delivers continuously tunable output wavelengths in ..
Microscope Gas Controllers
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Brand: DPMH Model: DPMH Gas Controllers
Carbon Dioxide control for maintaining cell viability    Gas Control Systems from DPMH    A number of cell systems require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods of time. Although achievable using a 5% CO2 cylinder,..
DHM®-T Series Microscopes
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Brand: Lyncee Tec Model: Lyncee Tec DHM-T
Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for transmission    DHM®-T Series    Applications Micro-optical characterisation Microfluidic characterisation Defect detection Cellular research Optional fluorescence module A quantitative ph..
Dual-Axis Nanopositioners
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Brand: nPoint Model: nPoint Dual-Axis Nanopositioners
XY nanopositioning piezo stages    nPoint Dual Axis Nanopostioners    nPoint's specialised piezo-driven flexure-guided nanopositioners are designed for many motion critical operations, such as scanning and position control. Typical precision applications include n..
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