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Lyncée Tec of Switzerland offer digital holographic imaging (DHM®) techniques for materials science, life science and industrial inspection - making the invisible visible. DHM® is a non-scanning non-contact technology that instantly delivers 3D & 4D topography.

These unique features make possible applications not conceivable using white light interferometers and confocal microscopes: 3D topography measurements in presence of environmental vibration or of intrinsic sample vibration, characterisation in cryogenic and high temperature environments, large surfaces screening, and analysis of the deformation dynamics of samples due to stimuli such as temperature and pressure changes, light irradiance, mechanical force, or electromagnetic fields.

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DHM®-R Series Microscopes
Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for reflection    DHM®-R Series    Applications Surface topography Defect inspection MEMS measurement Structured thin films The Lyncée Tec DHM®-R series of reflection configured holographic microscop....
DHM®-T Series Microscopes
Digital Holographic Microscopes configured for transmission    DHM®-T Series    Applications Micro-optical characterisation Microfluidic characterisation Defect detection Cellular research The Lyncée Tec DHM®-T series of microscopes are desig....
DHM® Camera
Add phase imaging to your existing fluorescence microscope    Digital Holographic Camera    Specifications Magnification from 5x to 100x Large field of view: 1.2 mm2 (at 10x) 5 MP sCMOS camera sensor Up to 75 fps acquisition speed The Digital....
DHM® Inspection Solutions
Incoporate phase imaging into your workflow    DHM® Solutions for Industry    Lyncée Tec's Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM®) patented technology utilises a video camera to record a hologram produced by the interference between a reference laser beam and the l....
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