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05 Mar New Semiconductor Application Note from WITec
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WITec has recently authored a paper on the Raman Imaging of Semiconducting Materials. It details how measuring semiconductors like silicon, gallium nitride or molybdenum disulphide using 2D and 3D Ram..
25 Feb IXF mounts enable maximum stability for critical laser optics in bio-sorting application
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When discriminating sperm cells using fluorescence intensity, high optomechanical stability is the key factor.Artificial insemination supplier ABS Global has developed a sorter using fluorescence inte..
15 Jan Call for Papers by WITec
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Our friends at WITec are calling out to authors of exceptional scientific research... The deadline for submissions to the 2020 WITec Paper Award is fast approaching.Any scientific paper published in a..
06 Dec Quantitative phase imaging of biological specimens using DHM
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Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) uses one or more lasers to deliver quantitative phase imaging (QPI) of biological specimens. By measuring optical path length changes referenced to the background,..
15 Oct Multimodal nonlinear optical microscopy and more at Vienna
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Thanks go to researcher Fabian Placzek of the Medical University of Vienna for this photo featuring Professor Wolfgang Drexler working on Optical Coherence Tomography at the Centre for Medical Physics..
10 Oct 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium Reviewed
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The 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium - organised by WITec - brings together the international chemical imaging community in Ulm, Germany, to share and discuss results, methods and technologies re..
03 Oct Automated Microparticle Analysis with Raman Microscopy
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The pollution of the environment, and especially food and water by plastics and other microparticles, is of growing concern. So efficient techniques for analysis are required. A recent paper on a WITe..
17 Sep Hi-res long-range depth imaging using CMOS SPAD and active illumination
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Researchers in Edinburgh and Bath have developed a new single-photon avalanche (SPAD) detector technology allied with non-local data fusion to generate high resolution three-dimensional depth informat..
29 Aug In-vitro temperature measurement using FLIM
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Researchers at Rice University have used the light-emitting properties of a biocompatible molecular rotor, known as boron dipyrromethene (BODIPY), to reveal temperatures inside single cells by creatin..
23 Aug Dynamic ratiometric imaging enabled using Prizmatix LEDs
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In a recent paper, researchers demonstrated a new excitation light source that uses Prizmatix LEDs featuring high stability and fast switching to precisely match the excitation spectra of the commonly..
25 Jul Quantum cascade laser spectrometer uses Siskiyou IXF Mounts
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Thanks to our friends Siskiyou Corporation for spotting this in Laser Focus World magazine - Nice use of their IXF mounts in this quantum cascade laser spectrometer developed by Empa & the Swiss Feder..
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