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10 Oct 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium Reviewed
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The 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium - organised by WITec - brings together the international chemical imaging community in Ulm, Germany, to share and discuss results, methods and technologies re..
08 Oct Tyndall researchers praise Lake Shore's 8404 AC/DC HMS for its usefulness within their nanoelectronics research
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Dr Scott Monaghan, researcher at UCC Tyndall Micronano Electronics, specialises in materials science to aid nanoelectronics. He recently co-authored a paper on Quantum confinement-induced semimetal-to..
03 Oct Automated Microparticle Analysis with Raman Microscopy
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The pollution of the environment, and especially food and water by plastics and other microparticles, is of growing concern. So efficient techniques for analysis are required. A recent paper on a WITe..
17 Sep Hi-res long-range depth imaging using CMOS SPAD and active illumination
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Researchers in Edinburgh and Bath have developed a new single-photon avalanche (SPAD) detector technology allied with non-local data fusion to generate high resolution three-dimensional depth informat..
29 Aug In-vitro temperature measurement using FLIM
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Researchers at Rice University have used the light-emitting properties of a biocompatible molecular rotor, known as boron dipyrromethene (BODIPY), to reveal temperatures inside single cells by creatin..
23 Aug Dynamic ratiometric imaging enabled using Prizmatix LEDs
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In a recent paper, researchers demonstrated a new excitation light source that uses Prizmatix LEDs featuring high stability and fast switching to precisely match the excitation spectra of the commonly..
16 Aug Introduction to Hall effect measurement - new video from Lake Shore
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Lake Shore's: "How Does it Work?" education series has a new video: Introduction to Hall effect measurement The video uses animations to illustrate Hall effect and explores the procedure of conducting..
25 Jul Quantum cascade laser spectrometer uses Siskiyou IXF Mounts
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Thanks to our friends Siskiyou Corporation for spotting this in Laser Focus World magazine - Nice use of their IXF mounts in this quantum cascade laser spectrometer developed by Empa & the Swiss Feder..
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