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Rugged Monitoring

  • Fibre-optic thermometers
  • Multi-channel systems
  • Interference immune
  • Portable thermometry
  • Numerous temperature measurement applications

Rugged Monitoring designs and manufactures fibre-optic temperature sensors and instrumentation for measurements in laboratory and industrial applications. The systems can be used in many application areas such as: automotive, food and drink, medical, research, industrial, communications and power generation. The latter two in particular as the optically-derived temperature measurement is unaffected by high voltage or electromagnetic interference.

Fibre Optic Temperature Measurement
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Brand: Rugged Monitoring Model: Rugged Monitoring Systems
Fibre Optic Thermometry    Temperature Measurement Systems by Rugged Monitoring    Automotive & Aerospace Battery technology Charging systems Electric motors Engines & turbines Medical Scanner systems: MRI, NMR, etc. ..
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