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DEMCON kryoz

  • Plug-and-play cooling platforms
  • One system - Various applications
  • Cryogen-free
  • Automated cycling
  • Fast, simple, and easy to use

DEMCON kryoz specialises in cryogenic products designed to cool electronics or samples, for circuit or material characterisation respectively, to extreme low temperatures within plug-and-play self-contained desktop devices. Founded in 2008, DEMCON kryoz develops unique, fully integrated cryogenic cooling systems for both laboratory and field use.

CryoLab Series
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Brand: DEMCON kryoz Model: DEMCON kryoz CryoLab
Plug-and-play cryogenic measurements    CryoLab Series    The CryoLab is a fully integrated desktop cryocooler system designed for rapid circuit or material characterisation measurements from ambient down to cryogenic temperatures in a fully automated manner. Doin..
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