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Vibration isolation systems
Potentiostats, electrical measurement, battery test
Capacitance bridges and standards
Dichroic glass polarisers
Low vibration cryorefrigerators
Desktop characterisation systems
Microscope incubators
Optical Tweezers & Filters, Electronics
Micropositioning equipment
Fibre-optic test systems
Single crystal fibre lasers
Light measurement solutions
Goyalab spectrometer
Spatial light modulators
Fibre amplifiers and lasers
Optical filters for spectroscopy
Vibration isolation systems
Fine pitch adjuster screws
High quality laser optics
Digital Holographic Microscopy
Micropositioning systems
Beam expanders & collimators
High Output Monochromator
Correlated Raman imaging
Safety eyewear
Piezo nanopositioners
Speciality fibre optics
Optical manufacturing specialists
Fibre optic components and lasers
Piezoelectric actuators
Ultra high-power LED systems
Fibre-optic thermometry
Precision positioning
High quality laser optics
Electrophysiology electronics
SQUID technology
Light measurement solutions
Products for Magneto-Optical Trapping