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Ex-Demo and Stock clearances

We have a number of ex-demonstration products that are now surplus to our requirements, so we're making these items available at significantly reduced prices compared to new items. The products listed below are in unused condition except where indicated with * denoting slight cosmetic blemish. Please contact our sales team to make your purchases. Note that the listed prices exclude taxes and delivery charges. All items are non-returnable and are offered for sale without warranty.

Updated 15th March 2017


Elliot|Martock Products
Product CodeDescriptionAvailableUnit Price
MDE151-C110*Mount to hold Thorlabs C110MP-C high NA matched lens pair in MDE151 mount (fits on Elliot/Martock flexure stages).1£50
MDE220*Micrometer, 0-2 mm range, hard steel ball on spindle tip.1£51
MDE259*XYZ Positioner. Travel 10 mm Sensitivity < 0.5 µm Adjuster 0.25 pitch
Can also be reconfigured as MDE258 XY Positioner @ £300 or MDE255 Single Axis Positioner @ £150
E9032" Kinematic mount5£51
FEMTOBENCH-KITFemtobench kit consisting of:
1 x MDE802 20 x 15 x 1.2cm Femtobench
1 x MDE804 20 x 30 x 1.2cm Femtobench*
9 x MDE811 Post Holders*
5 x MDE817 T Base
3 x MDE823 L shaped Base, RH*
3 x MDE829 L shaped Base, LH
10 x MDE835 Post Holder*
5 x MDE841 19mm Post
7 x MDE843 39mm Post


Thorlabs Products
Product CodeDescriptionAvailableUnit Price
AC254-075-A1D=25.4mm,, Visible Achromat, 400-700nm1£34
AS25E6MThread adapter, 1/4"-20 internal, M6-1.0 external.4£3
CUSTOMPATCH-10CMPatchcord, 10 cm long, SMF28 fibre, FC/PC both ends, 3 mm diameter jacket, no strain relief boots following connectors.2£55
CUSTOMPATCH-20CMPatchcord, 20 cm long, SMF28 fibre, FC/PC both ends, 3 mm diameter jacket, no strain relief boots following connectors.2£55
CUSTOMPATCH-21CMPatchcord, 21 cm long, SMF28 fibre, FC/PC both ends, 3 mm diameter jacket.2£55
CUSTOMPATCH-22CMPatchcord, 22 cm long, SMF28 fibre, FC/PC both ends, 3 mm diameter jacket.2£55
CUSTOMPATCH-25CMPatchcord, 25 cm long, SMF28 fibre, FC/PC both ends, 3 mm diameter jacket.2£55
F19SS1003/16"-100 x 1" hex adjustment screw2£2
G21Fibre guide for stripping tool, to strip coating or buffer diameter of 457-533 µm.1£9
LA1417-C26Singlet lens, BK7, spherical plano-convex, 2" diameter, nominal focal length 150mm (at 633nm). Radius of curvature 77.3mm, centre thickness 7.3mm, edge thickness 3.0mm. AR/AR coated for 1064nm1£60
LA1608-CD=25.4 F=75.0 BK7 C Coat Plano Convex Lens1£13
LA2060-AD=12.7 F=-15.0 SF11 A Coat Bi Concave Lens1£13
LDS900/MDiode laser driver, benchtop style, 0-100 mA, LCD display.1£270
LT110P5-CCollimation tube with aspheric lens, for 5.6 mm packaged laser diodes. Lens AR/AR coated for 1050-1550 nm, NA 0.40.2£61
S1TM11Adaptor, SM1 to C110MP or C220MP matched-pair aspheric lenses.1£11
SM038RRRetaining ring for 3/8" diameter lens mount.1£2
TR30/M30mm stainless steel post, metric thread7£3
VB01/M-DEMO*Vertical bracket for mounting breadboard perpendicular to an optical bench.2£39


OZ Optics Products
Product CodeDescriptionAvailableUnit Price
FOBS-12P-111-9/125-SSS-1300-50/50-40-333-1-1Beamsplitter, 1x2 fibre pigtailed, 50:50 for 1300nm, -40 dB back-reflection, 1 m long SM pigtails, 1 mm diameter jacket, with FC/PC connectors.1£800
LPSC-03-1550-9/125-S-11AS-11-3-3-1Laser to fibre coupler, pigtail style, non-contact type, for 1550 nm, SM fibre, 3 mm jacket, 1 m long, FC/PC output connector. Lens is 11 mm focal length aspheric. Post mount via 1/4"-20 tapped hole.1£132
QPMJ-3A3A-514-3.5/125-3-1-1Patchcord, high power fused silica PM fibre with angled FC/PC connectors, 3 mm jacket, 1 m long. 3.5 µm core, suitable for 488 +/- 30 nm.1£101


CVI Laser Optics
Product CodeDescriptionAvailableUnit Price
CP-AG-540-2x2-2.0Green Additive Colour Process Filter, 2" square, 2mm thick1£70
W2-SMCC-1037-0.6-C-670-10641" fused silica concave spherical substrate, coated 670-1064. 0.6m RoC1£50
W2-SMCC-1037-1.0-C-670-10641" fused silica concave spherical substrate, coated 670-1064. 1.0m RoC1£50
W2-SMCC-1037-2.0-C-670-10641" fused silica concave spherical substrate, coated 670-1064. 2.0m RoC1£50


Product CodeDescriptionAvailableUnit Price


High Performance Power Meter Module - Dual-channel with one OHS-1713W-PL High Performance Optical Head and Interface. 3 mm InGaAs low polarization dependent response (PDR) detector1£2,335


Optical Switch 1x2, 9/125 µm - 1290 to 1570 nm




WDM Laser Source Module, +13 dBm, C-band ITU-T grid wavelength DFB laser, 1550.12nm




Video inspection probe (FIP-P5 200x/400x magnification) - USB module - FC tip (FIPT-FC), ST tip (FIPT-ST), SC tip (FIPT-SC, and universal 2.5 mm patchcord tip (FIPT-U25M) - USB software


BFA-3000 with FOA-3000


Universal Bare Fiber Adapter.




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