When discriminating sperm cells using fluorescence intensity, high optomechanical stability is the key factor.

Artificial insemination supplier ABS Global has developed a sorter using fluorescence intensity to differentiate cells in bull semen; as the gender of a calf is determined by which sex chromosome is present in the parental sperm.

Unlike traditional flow cytometers, ABS Global uses a microfluidic chip to orientate the fluorochromed flow stream prior to sexing the sperm using a low-power UV analysis laser and photodetector. A high energy pulse from a Q-switched UV laser then terminates the male sperm as female calves have a much higher value for dairy farmers.

Maintaining precise alignment of the collection optics that bring the emission to the photodetector, and the alignment and focus of the termination laser is critical, consequently ABS decided on the superbly stable IXF series monolithic optical mounts from Siskiyou Corporation for their equipment.

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