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UDTi (Gamma Scientific)

UDTi (Gamma Scientific)
  • Spectroradiometers & Spectrometers
  • Photometers & Colourimeters
  • Radiometric Sensors & Photodetectors
UDTi is a subsidiary of Gamma Scientific that manufacturers light measurement test solutions for production, quality control and R&D environments. Fifty years of experience in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology ensures Gamma Scientific's laboratory grade equipment is among the best in the world.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. Please call with your requirements or ideas: we’re here to help.

Photometers, Radiometers, and Photodetectors
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Brand: UDTi (Gamma Scientific) Model: Gamma Scientific Photometers, Radiometers, and Photodetectors
Luminosity, luminance, illuminance, intensity, radiant, and irradiance measurement    Photometers, Radiometers, and Photodetectors    Gamma Scientific's UDT Instruments division offer a broad selection of systems for photometry - the measurement of the intensity o..
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