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AMETEK Scientific Instruments

AMETEK Scientific Instruments

AMETEK Scientific Instruments is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and support of instrumentation for both the electrochemical and materials communities. 

Comprised of Princeton Applied Research (PAR) and Solartron Analytical,  AMETEK Scientific Instruments delivers solutions to meet performance and price requirements.

Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical continue to innovate in both DC and AC measurements to the benefit of users studying

  • Energy Devices,
  • Energy Storage
  • Physical Electrochemistry,
  • Corrosion, 
  • Solid-state Materials
  • Sensors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Surface Analysis


  • Potentiostats
  • Battery Analysers
  • Scanning Electrochemical Systems
  • Materials Test Systems
  • Solar Test Systems
  • Frequency Response Analyzers
  • Electrochemical Accessories
  • Materials Analysis Accessories
  • Software

PAR - Princeton Applied Research


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