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SI-6200 Battery Analyzer

SI-6200 Battery Analyzer
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SI-6200 Battery Analyzer
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  • Model: SI-6200 Battery Analyzer

Solartron battery analyzers offer much more than standard battery cyclers, providing a a wide range of analytical capabilities.  In addition to all the features of a standard battery analyser, the SI-6200 includes built-in EIS capability on every channel (not multiplexed) and patent-pending direct to disk technology to store data direct from cycler to disk without PC assistance for fast data acquisition and detailed measurements of pulse waveforms on all channels.


• Stand-alone and stackable modules, or cabinet based for convenience.
• Fast DC data capture on all channels simultaneously at 1000 samples per second for detailed cell analysis.
• 24 bit high resolution ADCs allow early detection of small differences in cell behaviours.
• Simultaneous 1 mHz to 20 kHz EIS per channel built-in (not multiplexed).
• Built-in temperature measurement (thermistor) per main channel.
• Data saved direct from cycler to disk – not via PC – for unrivalled system reliability and performance.
• High current parallel channel connections up to 2 A per module.
• Plug-in holders for quick and convenient connection of coin cells.
• Climate chamber integration
• Data logger integration for temperature/voltage measurement.
Solartron Analytical is a brand of AMETEK Scientific Instruments, with exclusive channel partner Elliot Scientific for the UK and Ireland.
Contact us to find out more about how the fully featured, fully capable SI-6200 can enhance your test capabilities.



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