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Tristan is a world leader in SQUID technology. Tristan's low- and high-temperature SQUID sensors are unsurpassed in real world performance. The iMAG series of SQUID components includes microprocessor-based multichannel control electronics and advanced fibre optic linked flux-locked loop circuits. Tristan manufactures complete SQUID systems for materials analysis, biomagnetic measurements and non-destructive testing based on either low-temperature or high-temperature technology.

Tristan's expertise in cryogenics has led to advances in both SQUID-based instrumentation and conventional refrigeration. With sensors, electronics, cryogenics and software, Tristan supplies complete solutions for magnetic sensing applications, Tristan is the world's most comprehensive source of SQUID technology.

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Magnetometers & Accessories - Tristan
Magnetometers and Dewars Tristan Magnetometers & Accessories    NDE/NDI Inspection Tristan designs and fabricates a range of magnetometer systems to study the magnetic properties of small samples. These are complete research systems that include all electronic components ....
SQUID Probes
Sensor Interfaces    Tristan SQUID Probes    Tristan manufactures two basic SQUID probes for general laboratory use that are designed to be used while immersed in a liquid helium or nitrogen bath.  A room temperature O-ring seal allows pumped dewar operation. In all....
SQUID Electronics
State of the art sensor & control technology    Tristan SQUID Electronics    Tristan iMAG® SQUID components combine the state of the art in both sensor technology and control electronics.  The compact iMAG® flux-locked loop unit places all the critical circuitry as clo....
SQUID Sensors
Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices    Tristan SQUID Sensors    Tristan offers several configurations of low-noise SQUID sensors; these sensors serve as the heart of the iMAG® systems. The low-temperature (LTS) SQUIDs run at liquid helium temperatures and are fabricat....
Tristan Laboratory SQUID Systems
A variety of capabilities    Tristan Laboratory SQUID Systems    Tristan laboratory SQUID systems are extremely sensitive instruments designed to detect small electromagnetic signals. By combining SQUID electronics with various special purpose probes and auxiliary el....

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