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SQUID Sensors

SQUID Sensors
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SQUID Sensors
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Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices   

Tristan SQUID Sensors   

Tristan offers several configurations of low-noise SQUID sensors; these sensors serve as the heart of the iMAG® systems.

The low-temperature (LTS) SQUID sensors run at liquid helium temperatures and are fabricated using all thin-film trilayer technology, combining durability with high sensitivity. The niobium-shielded package comes with screw terminals ready to accept your custom input circuit. Tristan can also provide thin-film integrated LTS SQUID magnetometers with state-of-the-art performance.

Tristan offer several configurations of iMAG low-noise SQUID sensors

The high-temperature (HTS) SQUID sensors run at liquid nitrogen temperatures, 77 K HTS iMAG® SQUIDs feature pick-up coils patterned on the chip, with a tough passivation layer for protection from moisture and oxygen. 

Tristan can guarantee magnetometer performance better than 20 fT/√Hz. For customers who need even lower noise levels, they can provide sensors with world-record noise performance.

All HTS iMAG® sensors use a common connector for attaching to the SP Cryogenic Cable; sensors may be easily interchanged to provide alternative pick up coils and different sensitivity levels.

Model Features

  • dc SQUID Sensors
    • LSQ/20 LTS
    • LSQ/20M LTS for MFP Probe
  • dc SQUID Magnetometer Sensors
    • HTM-8 HTS: >0.1 T ambient field operation
    • HTM-16 HTS: <20 fT/√Hz
  • dc SQUID Gradiometer Sensor
    • HTG-10R HTS: >100 µT ambient field operation
  • dc SQUID Microscope Sensor
    • HTM-0 MiniMAG™ HTS: >100 µT ambient field operation, 50 µm thick window

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