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Magnetometers & Accessories from Tristan

Magnetometers & Accessories from Tristan
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Magnetometers & Accessories from Tristan
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Magnetometers and Dewars   

Tristan Magnetometers & Accessories   

NDE/NDI Inspection

Tristan designs and fabricates a range of magnetometer systems to study the magnetic properties of small samples. These are complete research systems that include all electronic components and software analysis tools required to study a wide range of samples. Whether the samples are steel or aluminium plates, composites or even plastics, Tristan NDE systems can measure surface and even deeply embedded sources with a spatial resolution dependent on the type of system constructed. Several standard models are available which have been optimised for different types of measurements. Most systems, however, have a custom magnetometer array that is designed with customer inputs to provide optimum sensitivity for the desired experiment. Optional equipment includes biasing magnets (ac and dc), computer system, scanning stages and data analysis software. Tristan welcomes inquiries for custom and semi-custom systems.

Liquid Nitrogen iMAG® SQUID Magnetometer Systems

Each system comprises: [1] dc SQUID Electronics; [2] Cryogenic Cable/Probe; [3] HTM-8 HTS dc SQUID sensor; [4] Cryogenic Dewar; [5] ancillary equipment including Model CC-60 six metre fibre-optic composite connecting cable, accessory package and user manual.

  • Model 701 Single Channel HTS Handheld Magnetometer System
  • Model 701/5 Single Channel HTS Magnetometer System
  • Model 703 Three Channel HTS Magnetometer System
  • Model G377 Three Channel HTS Geophysical Magnetometer System


Liquid Helium iMAG® SQUID Magnetometer Systems

Tristan Technologies provides a number of standard systems using LTS SQUID sensors, which operate at liquid helium temperatures (4.2 K). Tristan has also provided many special order systems, designed to meet the specific requirements of the user. Many systems, both standard and special, deal with biomagnetism and include a liver iron biosusceptometer and a system to diagnose and study intestinal ischemia.

Magnetic Microscopes

Tristan has produced a wide range of low frequency magnetic scanning systems, from ultra-high resolution scanning SQUID (LTS) microscopes to HTS systems that apply dc and ac fields and from susceptibility to eddy current measurements to non-contact measurements of electronic circuits. Tristan Technologies can supply magnetic microscopes for your particular needs.

Magnetometers for Geomagnetism

Now available - 3-axis SQUID magnetometers for MT (Magneto Telluric), IP (Induced Polarisation) and low frequency EM (Electro Magnetic) measurements. Additional models are now under development for borehole use (shallow and deep application). Eight-channel magnetometer/gradiometer arrays are also available for mobile survey applications including unexploded ordnance, airborne mineral exploration and environmental waste detection.

Custom Products

Tristan's specialities include custom systems (magnetic, cryogenic, scanning, multichannel SQUID, variable temperature systems, magnetic fields, and microwave) based on a core technology of system building and expertise in cryogenics, refrigeration, software (upper level control and embedded) and electronics design. Tristan will produce SQUID systems designed specifically to fit your needs. If your needs are unique, contact Tristan to discuss your particular requirements. Tristan's 20+ years of experience working with research scientists, and an ever-increasing quest for refinement of its product line, ensures that Tristan can manufacture the ideal SQUID System to suit your needs.


Tristan can provide a variety of laboratory, field and hand-held dewars for use with iMAG® SQUID sensors. Both liquid helium and liquid nitrogen dewars are available configured for use with single or multiple sensors. The assortment of standard dewar designs includes tailed dewars with close access to the sensors (< 5 mm), multi-channel dewars, hand-held dewars that operate in any orientation and larger dewars with more than 30-day operating times. Cryogenic inserts are available for all standard dewars that mount the SQUID sensors rigidly in the dewar and provide any performance features required of the application. Custom dewars with different size necks, tails, or cryogen reservoirs can be specially ordered.

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