• Andeen-Hagerling Capacitance Meters
    Capacitance bridges and standards
  • Accurion Halcyonics Vibration Isolation Systems
    Vibration isolation systems
  • CODIXX Polarizers
    Dichroic glass polarisers
  • Craic Technologies Microspectrophotometers
    UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions
  • CryoSpectra Cryogenic Cold Heads
    Low vibration cryorefrigerators
  • Kryoz Technologies Mini Cryogenic Labs for Materials Research
    Desktop characterisation systems
  • EOS - Electro-Optical Systems
    Photodetectors and photodiodes
  • Elliot Martock XYZ Flexure Stages, Positioners and Slides
    Micropositioning equipment
  • Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers and more
    Precision opto-mechanical products
  • Energetiq LAser Driven Light Sources
    Plasma-based light sources
  • EXFO Fiber Test and Measurement
    Fibre-optic test systems
  • Fibercryst Single Crystal Fibre Laser
    Single crystal fibre lasers
  • Gamma Scientific Light Measurement
    Light measurement solutions
  • HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulators
    Spatial light modulators
  • IPG Photonics Fiber Lasers
    Fibre amplifiers and lasers
  • Kinetic Systems Vibration Control Products
    Vibration isolation systems
  • Kozak Micro Adjusters
    Fine pitch adjuster screws
  • Lake Shore Cryotronics - Materials Research and Cryogenics
    Cryogenic and materials research
  • Lambda Research Optics
    High quality laser optics
  • Mad City Labs - Pico and Nanopositioning
    Nanopositioning systems
  • mechonics stages
    Micropositioning systems
  • Micro Laser Systems for Focusers, Collimators and Beam Expanders
    Laser optic components
  • Neoptix Fiber-based Temperature Measurement
    Temperature measurement
  • NoIR LaserShields Protective Eyewear
    Safety eyewear
  • Nufern Fiber Optics
    Speciality fibre optics
  • OptiSource Optics
    Optical manufacturing specialists
  • Optosci
    Laser current and TEC controllers
  • OZ Optics Fiber Components
    Fibre optic components and lasers
  • Piezomechanik
    Piezoelectric actuators
  • Prizmatix LEDs for Optogenetics and Fluorescence
    Ultra high-power LED systems
  • Siskiyou
    Precision positioning
  • Spectral Optics
    High quality laser optics
  • Spectral Products - Monochromators and Light Sources
    Optical instrumentation
  • Tristan Technologies for SQUID
    SQUID technology
  • UDT Instruments - a Gamma Scientific company
    Light measurement solutions
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