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Optics & Mechanics
Optics & Mechanics • Flexure Stages & Postioning Equipment
• Pillars, Posts, Mounts, Optical Tables & Breadboards
• Optics for OEMs & Laser Users

Precision opto-mechanical products designed for the optical table and bench and manufactured by Elliot Scientific. These include the renowned Elliot|Martock range of micro-positioning slides and XYZ Flexure Stages. For nano-positioning, we supply piezo-driven flexures from Mad City Labs and also offer high quality laser and standard optics, such as lenses, mirrors, prisms and windows sourced from leading companies in the USA and Europe.
Fibre, Diode & Telecom
Fibre, Diode & Telecom • Optical Fibre & Fibre Optic Components
• Lasers, Laser Diodes & Controllers
• Test Equipment & Instrumentation

Elliot Scientific supports the telecom industry with a range of products and equipment that generate, carry and test optical signals. Lasers and laser diodes, driver modules, waveguides, fibre - standard and speciality, splicing solutions, aligners, connectors, combiners, attenuators, test and measurement systems are but some of the lines we offer.
Custom Design & Manufacture
Custom Design & Manufacture Elliot Scientific designs and manufactures precision positioning systems for custom applications. Hundreds of products have been supplied that once started out as an idea or a concept from a client requiring a bespoke manipulation system. From the first units produced by hand at Martock Design over 30 years ago, the Elliot|Martock and Elliot Scientific brands continue the tradition by supplying high quality innovative and unique solutions in opto-mechanical positioning and control systems, but built with the CAD and CNC technology of the 21st century.
Optical Tweezers Systems
Optical Tweezers Systems Optical tweezers have found many applications in the Sciences. The miniscule forces that light exerts on micron-size particles have empowered scientists, particularly those in biomedicine, enabling them to perform important studies on single molecules, cells and colloids without inflicting damage.

The harnessing of these light forces, known as optical tweezing, has for many years been dabbled in by only a brave few. That's mainly because the technique is difficult and multi-faceted, involving lasers, microscopes, imaging systems, specialized software and complex opto-mechanical design.

Indeed, many a student has cut their PhD by designing and building an optical tweezer to spend their post-doc time undertaking meaningful experimentation. The design, integration and testing process for a useful calibrated system typically requires one to two years — a threshold too high for many researchers. This is why Elliot Scientific decided to develop complete systems that would work straight from the box. We deliver fully integrated working systems allowing the user to start their research from day one.

Elliot Scientific offers the most comprehensive range of optical tweezer systems available:

• Several component based “open architecture” optical tweezer systems
• Self-contained portable, desktop single beam optical tweezer workstations
• Single spot optical tweezer for integration with commercial microscopes
• Multiple spot optical tweezer under full computer control integrated with commercial microscopes
• Force Measurement accessory for single trap stiffness using a Quadrant Photodetector
• Force Measurement accessory for multiple trap stiffness and particle tracking using Camera Particle Tracking

Whether you seek to start with an economical “open architecture” optical tweezer, add capability to your existing microscope, purchase a fully integrated multiple spot tweezer with Force Measurement, then Elliot Scientific can meet your needs.

Cryogenics & Magnetics
Cryogenics & Magnetics The best equipment for research in cryogenics and magnetics from leading companies. Elliot Scientific supplies capacitance bridge testing equipment from Andeen-Hagerling Inc.; a comprehensive range of cryogenic temperature measurement systems, accessories, and magnetic probe stations from Lake Shore Cryotronics; plus SQUID sensors, magnetometers and more from cryo-specialist Tristan Technologies.
Detection & Instrumentation
Detection & Instrumentation • Laser Driven Light Sources for Spectroscopy
• Spatial Light Modulators, Monochromators & Spectrometers
• Detectors, Meters & Spectrum Analysers
Our range of scientific equipment is second to none. We supply laser-driven light sources, monochromators and spectrometers for spectroscopists. UV-Vis-NIR inspection systems for the forensic analyst. Thermo-electric cooling and fibre optic thermometers for industry. And for research, holographic spatial light modulators, capacitance bridges, detectors, meters, spectrum analysers, and more. If you have an application, or a problem in search of a solution, contact us now.
Lasers & Systems
Lasers & Systems Femtosecond lasers, amplified fs lasers, single frequency CW lasers, OPO lasers, diode lasers, laser safety eyeware, plus much more from Integrated Optics, IPG Photonics, Vescent Technologies, Photodigm, Akela Laser Corp., Honeywell Sperian, FEMTOLASERS GmbH, Oxford Lasers and others.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on developing solutions for your specific needs, whether for a small project or for large quantity OEM volumes. We have the flexibility to develop prototypes and the manufacturing expertise to produce in large volume.

Please call with your needs or ideas: we’re here to help.

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