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  • Microscope incubators
  • Stage top heaters
  • Open heated inserts
  • Gas controllers
  • Custom design and build service

DPMH - Surrey-based Digital Pixels has been designing and supplying equipment for the research microscopy community throughout the world for nearly two decades. More recently, under the Microscope Heaters brand, they have developed, designed and manufactured a wide range of fanless enclosure systems for maintaining cell viability within microscope applications for leading universities and research institutes.

Microscope Incubation Systems
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Brand: DPMH Model: DPMH Incubators
Temperature stabilised microscope enclosures    Incubation Systems from DPMH    ...for live cell imaging, heating/temp control, CO2 control, hypoxia experiments and CO2/O2 environments SuperSeal™ System An experiment at the University of Heidelberg required ..
Microscope Stage Heaters
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Brand: DPMH Model: DPMH Stage Heaters
Temperature controlled microscope stages    Stage Heating Systems from DPMH    DPMH offer a range of standard and custom heated stage solutions for specific microscope applications. Typical systems include: Stage Top Heaters These systems have independent temp..
Microscope Gas Controllers
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Brand: DPMH Model: DPMH Gas Controllers
Carbon Dioxide control for maintaining cell viability    Gas Control Systems from DPMH    A number of cell systems require a closely controlled CO2 concentration to maintain cell viability over extended periods of time. Although achievable using a 5% CO2 cylinder,..
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