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Mountain Photonics

  • Tuneable light source
  • Homogenous output distribution
  • Broad tuning range: UV to NIR
  • Fast optics: up to f/1.5
  • Spectral power monitoring

Mountain Photonics has engineered an easy to use high-brightness broadband tuneable light source by combining the EQ-99X plasma-based LDLS™ from Energetiq with a proprietary precision monochromator system.

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Brand: Mountain Photonics Model: Mountain Photonics Hyperchromator
High output tuneable light source    The Hyperchromator    An efficient high output tuneable light source utilising the high-brightness Energetiq EQ-99X LDLS™ Laser Driven Light Source and a specially designed monochromator has been developed by Mountain Photonics..
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