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Piezo & Motorised Adjusters (EM)

  • 25 µm travel piezo adjuster
  • 100 µm long travel piezo adjuster
  • 200 µm very long travel adjuster
  • Motor driven adjuster: 8 mm travel
  • Accessories

Elliot Scientific offers several piezo adjusters for applications requiring greater resolution than that achievable manually. Where precision hands free operation or automation of the positioning system is required, our controller and flexure stage packages provide a highly robust and accurate solution. Piezo operation can be via an Elliot Scientific E1100 or other compatible 0-150 volt controller system. A motorised adjuster solution is also available for applications requiring lower resolution.

Automated Alignment Systems ES7

  • DAli 4 automatic alignment system
  • 2-axis control (3 axis Piezo control)
  • Standard or Long Travel piezos
  • Numerous alignment applications
  • Ideal for drift compensation

Elliot Scientific developed the DAli 4 two-axis piezo controller for automated photonic device alignment by piezo-driven flexure stage assemblies. DAli 4 facilitates the rapid and automated alignment of photonic components across a wide range of applications. For example, fibre to fibre or fibre to laser diodes or waveguides. The system has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of external optical detectors and piezo actuators, and can be operated in pairs for critical alignment tasks that require the simultaneous optimisation of two components to a third one.

Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE218
Standard Piezo Adjuster with 25 µm travel   MDE218   25 µm direct-drive piezo 8 mm coarse travel on 0.25 pitch thread Adjustable hard stop prevents damage to the piezo when axis is at full mechanical extensionStandard piezo adjuster for applications..
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE227
Long Travel (100 µm) Piezo Adjuster   MDE227   100 µm travel 50 nm resolutionThis Long Travel Piezo Adjuster is for applications requiring an increased range of high precision adjustment. The MDE227 gives 100 µm of piezo travel with 50 nm resolution b..
MDE230 - Very Long Travel Piezo Adjuster - 200 µm piezo travel
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Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE230
Very Long Travel (200 µm) Piezo Adjuster   MDE230   200 µm travel 130 nm resolutionThis Very Long Travel Piezo Adjuster is for applications requiring an increased range of high precision adjustment.   The MDE230 gives 200 µm of piezo travel wit..
MDE231 - Stepper Motor Actuator: 8 mm Travel Adjustment
Limited Stock
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE231
Stepper motor actuator: 8 mm travel   MDE231   Non-rotating spindle Resolution 0.254 µm single step Integral stepper motor drive and gearbox Integrates with Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages and rotation unitsThe MDE231 is a stepper motor-driven ..
E1100 Piezo Controller
Limited Stock
Brand: Elliot Scientific Model: Elliot Scientific E1100
3-channel amplifier for driving low voltage piezos   E1100 Piezo Controller   The E1100 Piezo Controller is an open loop, three channel amplifier suitable for driving low voltage (up to 150 V) piezo actuators and stacks. The E1100 has been especially designed to incorpora..
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