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Elliot Scientific Optics

  • Dichroic & band pass filters
  • Neutral density filters
  • High power laser mirrors
  • High power waveplates
  • Medium power waveplates

Elliot Scientific offer a select range of superior quality laser optics in standard sizes from stock for next-day delivery in the UK, and low-cost high-quality Schott glass, ND and dichroic filters on a short lead time to customers around the globe.

ES Filters213

  • Dichroic colour filters
  • Short pass filters
  • Band pass filter
  • Long pass filters
  • ND filters: reflective & absorptive

Elliot Scientific offer a range of low-cost high-quality stock filters in standard sizes. ND and coloured Schott glass filters are usually offered with diameters of 12.5 or 25 mm, or as 50 mm square filters. RGB and CMY dichroic filters are normally supplied as 50 mm squares or with 25 mm diameters. However, custom sizes and colours can be manufactured on request

ES Laser Optics6

  • High Power Laser Mirrors
  • Zero Order Waveplates
  • High damage thresholds
  • Superior quality
  • Competively priced

Elliot Scientific offer a range of competitively priced superior quality stock laser optics. These include high power Nd:YAG mirrors with high reflectance coatings and high damage thresholds, and robust high and medium power zero order waveplates at prices equivalent to many multiple order ones.