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Vibration Isolation Solutions

Vibration noise is a nuisance for many precision applications in science and industry. Passing road, rail or air traffic, building resonances, co-workers, air conditioning, lifts and other machinery and equipment all pose a threat to your sensitive instruments. This could be a high-powered microscope, a delicate micromachining system, a life science experiment, or a laser-based optical set-up.

Elliot Scientific offers a choice of both passive and active vibration isolation systems from leading manufacturers for your application. Whether you require a simple benchtop platform, an optical table, workstation, or custom system, we can help. We also supply Hi-Fi audiophiles with affordable antivibration solutions for decoupling high-end turntables so as to get the most from their vinyl.

  • Vibration isolation platforms
  • Vibration isolation workstations
  • Anti-vibration supports
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Custom design service

Accurion designs and manufactures the Halcyonics range of advanced vibration reduction systems for today's exacting nanotechnologies. Whether it's high-resolution measurement or a high-precision manufacturing process, effective anti-vibration solutions are required to achieve maximum performance. Active vibration isolation overcomes the limits of passive damping systems, enabling the attenuation of vibrations caused by machinery, people, traffic, even sound waves, that would disturb delicate instruments.

Kinetic Systems Inc4

  • Breadboards & Platforms
  • Workstations
  • Optical tables & accessories
  • Isolation legs
  • Custom & OEM products

Elliot Scientific has been at the forefront of the vibration isolation and optical table market for over 50 years and is a world leader in the development and application of advanced low frequency vibration control systems that provide vibration-free work environments for sensitive equipment. Kinetic Systems is a trusted and valued supplier to academic, industrial, OEM and government facilities worldwide.