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Photonics and Opto-mechanics

Photonics & Opto-mechanics

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  • Foil-like polarisers
  • For UV, VIS, VIS-IR, NIR & IR bands
  • UV, temperature and chemical resistant
  • Silver nano-particle technology
  • High contrast and high transmittance

CODIXX is dedicated to the development, the production, and the marketing of dichroic glass polarisers for photonics. Based on a unique technology for the production and treatment of nanoparticles in glass, CODIXX manufactures the colorPol® range of high-quality polarisers for the ultraviolet, the visible and the infrared spectral range. Such is the extraordinary flexibility of the colorPol®-technology, customised polarisers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs are possible.

Elliot Scientific Optics0

  • Dichroic & band pass filters
  • Neutral density filters
  • High power laser mirrors
  • High power waveplates
  • Medium power waveplates

Elliot Scientific offer a select range of superior quality laser optics in standard sizes from stock for next-day delivery in the UK, and low-cost high-quality Schott glass, ND and dichroic filters on a short lead time to photonics customers around the globe.

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HOLOEYE Photonics6

  • Diffractive Optical Elements
  • Spatial Light Modulators
  • Up to HDTV resolution
  • LCOS & LC microdisplays
  • Educational kits

HOLOEYE Photonics focuses on the development of adaptive micro-optics and diffractive components for optical and photonic applications. The company's range can be divided into three major groups: Diffractive Optical Elements [DOE], active Spatial Light Modulators [SLM], and microdisplays.


  • Nanopositioning stages
  • Single or Multi-axis
  • Tip & Tilt systems
  • Focusing stages
  • DSP control systems

nPoint is a leading manufacturer of piezo-actuated flexure-based nanopositioning systems for photonics and positioning applications.

Siskiyou Photonics0

  • Linear & rotary stages
  • Multi-axis stages
  • Dovetail slides
  • Flexure, kinematic & gimbal mounts
  • Lab jack systems

Siskiyou offers a diverse range of modular opto-mechanical building blocks for Photonics and Physics researchers. The company has been a leading manufacturer of laboratory mechanicals, photonics components and precision position products for decades.

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