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ES Laser Optics

  • High Power Laser Mirrors
  • Zero Order Waveplates
  • High damage thresholds
  • Superior quality
  • Competively priced

Elliot Scientific offer a range of competitively priced superior quality stock laser optics. These include high power Nd:YAG mirrors with high reflectance coatings and high damage thresholds, and robust high and medium power zero order waveplates at prices equivalent to many multiple order ones.

Elliot Scientific Nd:YAG Mirrors0

Elliot Scientific's range of high power Nd:YAG mirrors have high reflectance coatings intended for laser beam steering applications. Damage threshold is high, typically 20 J/cm2 for 20 nS pulses or 10 MW/cm2 CW at 1064 nm. Fabricated on BK7 substrates using hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, they have excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and laboratory solvents.
Elliot Scientific Waveplates6

Elliot Scientific's range of high power zero order waveplates are manufactured by Spectral Optics using an adhesive-free Molecular Fusion™ process for permanent bonding. This produces components with the damage threshold of an optically contacted interface, and the mechanical strength of a solid component. Zero-order waveplates are far superior in temperature stability and wavelength tolerance, but have usually been more expensive than multiple-order components, but now these performance advantages are available at low cost due to new proprietry manufacturing techniques.