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Precision Adjusters

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Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE215
Ultra Fine Mirror Mount Adjuster   MDE215   20 nm resolution Lockable coarse drive Provides ultra-fine adjustment Retrofits existing mirror mounts: Fits the ¼-80 tapped hole Improves resolutionThe MDE215 incorporates a patented† mec..
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE216
High Precision Manual Adjuster   MDE216   Negligible backlash Graduated knob Output via non-rotating hard steel ball Positive travel limit stops on control knob Coarse adjustment:   8.0 mm travel, 1 µm resolution Fine adjustment:  &nb..
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE217
Standard Manual Adjuster   MDE217   8.0 mm travel 1 µm resolution Cost effectiveThe MDE217 is a standard manual adjuster incorporating a 12 mm diameter sleeve matched to the Elliot Gold™ series flexure stages. It has 1 µm resolution and provides a c..
Brand: Elliot | Martock Model: Martock MDE229
Fixed Axis Spacer for Elliot Gold™ Series flexure stages   MDE229   Eliminates expense of high precision adjuster Preset to fit Elliot Gold™ series flexure stageA Fixed Axis Spacer is used when a third axis is not required on a flexure stage. For exam..
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