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Military Ground Force Protection against Hand-held visible and Invisible Infra-Red Lasers

Military laser eye protection against Hand-held visible and Infra-Red Lasers 


Developed in cooperation with the LAPD Air Support Division, NoIR GlareShield™ laser filters for pilots provide protection from the disabling effects of a laser attack and reduce the risk of eye injury, all without compromising display and instrument panel colour recognition.




  • 99.99999% Blue Beam reduction
  • 99.99999% Green Beam reduction
  • 48% Photopic (daylight) Transmittance
  • 9% Scotopic (nighttime) Transmittance
  • 48% visible light transmittance for low light and nighttime conditions
  • Full protection against Blue/Green lasers under and over 5 Watts
  • Wearer will not see the beam or experience any disabling glare or flash blindness
  • Meets Z87.1 Impact Standard
  • Meets ANSI and CE laser standards




  • 95% Blue Beam reduction
  • 99.9% Green Beam reduction
  • 99% Red Beam reduction
  • 99.9% Infrared (800-1064nm) Beam reduction
  • 10% visible light transmittance for daylight conditions
  • Good true color visibility
  • Meets ANSI and CE (pending) laser standards

FAA Report: Increased Threat Posed by Hand-held Lasers

Pilot Eyewear / Alignment filter PBG Demo
Inappropriate use of lasers has become more prevalent and dangerous as handheld lasers have become less expensive, more powerful and increasingly available to the general public, according to a report issued in December 2010 by the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s no coincidence, then, that the number of laser events involving aircraft is also rising. The FAA reports that overall, the number of incidents nationally in which people pointed lasers at planes and helicopters nearly doubled last year, from 1,527 incidents in 2009 to 2,836 incidents in 2010.

While no accidents have been attributed to laser illuminations, there is the potential for an accident. "Sudden exposure to laser radiation during a critical phase of flight, such as on approach to landing or departure, can distract or disorient a pilot and cause temporary visual impairment," the report stated. Helicopters, especially those used by law enforcement, are at a greater risk, since they often hover at low altitudes and can be more easily targeted.

The hazard is significant: A 5-milliwatt green laser -- the maximum output for any device labeled and sold as an office laser pointer -- is a distraction to pilots over a mile away, while a 125-milliwatt laser can cause a cockpit distraction at a distance of greater than 5 miles. The danger posed by a bright laser illumination is increased at night, as the target’s eyes are low-light adapted and the effect is more pronounced. Standard sunglasses typically afford no protection from high-intensity green, blue and red laser pointers; in fact, normal sunglasses can have the undesired effect of increasing the time it takes to adapt to the bright glare of a laser illumination.

Ground based law enforcement officers are also at risk of laser illuminations, and GlareShields™ are designed to reduce the hazard of a laser pointer illumination to these personnel, ensuring the wearer is protected and still at peak performance.

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