Elliot Scientific Products

Elliot Scientific Products

  •  Pillars, Posts, Pedestals, Bases and Clamps
  •  Lens, Mirror, Rotation, Filter & 'V' Mounts
  •  Iris Diaphragms
  •  Component Kits
  •  Optical Tweezers



Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezers

  •   Single or multiple spot Optical Tweezers
  •   Self-contained or Open Architecture
  •   Upgrades for an existing microscope
  •   Camera Particle Tracking (CPT) option
  •   Quadrant Photodetectors (QPD) option

Elliot Scientific offers the most comprehensive range of Optical Tweezers available. Whether you seek to start with an economical open architecture Optical Tweezers, add Optical Tweezers capability to your existing microscope, or purchase a fully integrated multiple spot Optical Tweezers system with Force Measurement, then Elliot Scientific can meet your needs in Mechanobiology and Biomechanics..


  •  Fixed & Kinematic mounts
  •  Pillars & Posts
  •  Pedestals & Bases
  •  Clamps & Accessories
  •  Iris diaphragms

Elliot Scientific is a leading manufacturer of opto-mechanical components for use with optical tables and benches. This comprehensive Lab Essentials range offers a wide variety of components useful in the development of complex experiments that require the mounting and precision movement of optics and mirrors.

Automated Alignment Systems

  •  DAli 3 automatic alignment system
  •  2-axis control
  •  Standard or Long Travel piezos
  •  Numerous fibre alignment applications
  •  Ideal for drift compensation

Elliot Scientific developed the DAli 3 two-axis piezo controller for automated photonic device alignment with piezo-driven flexure stage assemblies. DAli 3 facilitates the rapid and automated alignment of photonic components across a wide range of applications. For example, fibre to fibre or fibre to laser diodes or waveguides. The system has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of external optical detectors and piezo actuators, and can be operated in pairs for critical alignment tasks that require the simultaneous optimisation of two components to a third one.

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