½" Components

½" Components

  •  Posts
  •  Posts holders
  •  Bases
  •  Post clamps
  •  Table clamps & clamping forks

Elliot Scientific offers a comprehensive range of half inch (½") components for constructing experiments on optical tables and breadboards. These include posts, post holders, bases, post clamps, and table clamps and clamping forks.


Fixed Mounts

  •  Lens mounts
  •  Rotation mounts
  •  Mirror mountss
  •  Filter holders
  •  Iris diaphragms

Elliot Scientific offers a broad range of fixed mounts and holders for experimental setups on optical tables and breadboards. Designed for the fixed post mounting of lenses, mirrors, and filters, the range also includes rotation mounts and iris diaphragm assemblies.

½" Posts

  •  ½" diameter posts up to 300 mm in height
  •  Stainless steel
  •  M6 tapped hole & M4 threaded stud



  •  Single & double-sided
  •  Magnetic bases
  •  Flip mounts & accessories


½" Post Clamps

  •  Horizontal or angled mounting of components
  •  Use with ½" posts
  •  Thumbscrews


Table Clamps & Forks

  •  Standard clamps
  •  Variable height clamps
  •  Short or long clamps


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