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Optics & Fibre-optics

Elliot Scientific has supplied the highest quality optics to the laser community for over twenty years. We operate a multi-sourcing system, ensuring that you get the best advice and optics at the most competitive prices. This service includes our own-brand range of neutral density and colour glass filters. Elliot Scientific also supports fibre users with a range of patchcords, components, waveguides, aligning rigs, attenuators, test and measurement systems.


  • Foil-like polarisers
  • For UV, VIS, VIS-IR, NIR & IR bands
  • Enviromentally resistant
  • Silver nano-particle technology
  • High contrast and transmittance
CODIXX is dedicated to the development, the production, and the marketing of dichroic glass polarisers. Based on a unique technology for the production and treatment of nanoparticles in glass, CODIXX manufactures the colorPol® range of high-quality polarisers for the ultraviolet, the visible and the infrared spectral range. Such is the extraordinary flexibility of the colorPol®-technology, customised polarisers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs are possible.
Elliot Scientific Optics222

  • Dichroic & band pass filters
  • Neutral density filters
  • High power laser mirrors
  • High power waveplates
  • Medium power waveplates
Elliot Scientific offer a select range of superior quality laser optics in standard sizes from stock for next-day delivery in the UK, and low-cost high-quality Schott glass, ND and dichroic filters on a short lead time to customers around the globe.
Elliot|Martock for Fibre-optics94

  • XYZ Flexures: Manual or Piezo
  • Fibre Launch Solutions
  • Linear, Tilt & Rotation Stages
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 Axis Stages
  • Lens Positioners & Accessories
Back in 1973, Martock Design Ltd. began developing and manufacturing a range of high precision instruments and equipment. Their first XYZ flexure stage design followed in 1982 and soon became popular in the research community. This was followed by numerous micropositioning stages and accessories designed in conjunction with end users. Elliot Scientific was appointed global distributor in 1992, and began manufacturing the precision positioning product range under the Elliot|Martock brand name three years later. By 2003, thirty years after its formation, Martock Design had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Elliot Scientific.

  • Intelligent test systems
  • Cable assembly testing
  • High-speed power meters
  • Light sources
  • Variable attenuators
EXFO offer a broad range of test equipment for fibre-optic systems. These include standalone handheld and benchtop instruments, optical sampling oscilloscopes, tuneable laser sources, and modular intelligent test systems with power, PDL and return-loss meters, EDFA boosters, variable attenuators, and polarisation scrambler options.
Eye Safety Products97

  • Eyewear for laser & LED users
  • Polycarbonate or Mineral Glass
  • Pilot & Security personal protection
  • Clinical applications
  • CE certified
Elliot Scientific offer a broad choice of CE approved protective spectacles and goggles from NoIR Laser for use with a variety lasers, or other intense light sources such as a high-power LEDs, that are found in research, manufacturing, medical and aesthetic clinics. In addition, we are able to protect pilots and law enforcement officers from the glare of laser pointers.
Gamma Scientific Optics8

  • Spectrometers / Spectroradiometers
  • Photometers / Radiometers
  • Colourimeters
  • Integrating spheres
  • Light sources - filament & LED
Gamma Scientific produce LED, display and light measurement test solutions for production and R&D environments. Fifty years of experience in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology ensures Gamma Scientific's laboratory grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, colourimeters and light sources are among the best in the world.
HOLOEYE Photonics6

  • Diffractive Optical Elements
  • Spatial Light Modulators
  • Up to HDTV resolution
  • LCOS & LC microdisplays
  • Educational kits
HOLOEYE Photonics focuses on the development of adaptive micro-optics and diffractive components for scientific and industrial applications. The company's range can be divided into three major groups: Diffractive Optical Elements [DOE], active Spatial Light Modulators [SLM], and microdisplays.
Iridian Spectral Technologies207

  • Filters for Spectroscopy
  • Raman filters
  • Emission & excitation study filters
  • Telecom & custom filters on request
  • Bandpass, Edge, Notch & Dichroic filters
Iridian is a leader in optical filter solutions for many applications. The company invests heavily in research and development in order to remain at the forefront of optical filter technology. Proprietary thin film designs, deposition processes and other manufacturing technologies ensure Iridian deliver high-performance and durable optics.
Lambda Research Optics1

  • Catalogue optics
  • Broad range of components
  • Products for UV, visible and IR
  • Laser optics
  • OEM optics
Lambda Research Optics provide a comprehensive range of high quality standard and laser optics. Their catalogue offers over 300 pages of standard optics for fast delivery, with products that include mirrors, beamsplitters, lenses, prisms, filters, windows and more for 193 nm to 20 µm.

  • Polarisation-maintaining Fibre
  • Planar Waveguide Fibre
  • Photosensitive Fibres
  • Metalised Fibre Tails
  • Select Cut-off, High NA & Doped fibres
Nufern is a world leading manufacturer of application-specific speciality fibre. Products include rare earth doped fibres for lasers and amplifiers, gyroscope fibres and other polarisation maintaining fibres, extreme duty and radiation hard fibres for aerospace, as well as photosensitive and speciality single-mode fibres.

  • Waveplates & polariser specialist
  • Beamsplitters, lenses, & mirrors
  • Custom or OEM quantities
  • Consistent quality
  • Competitive pricing
OptiSource has over a century of combined experience in all facets of optical manufacturing. The company offers an extensive range of high energy laser mirrors, beamsplitters, partial reflectors, antireflection and broadband antireflection coated windows and lenses from stock.
OZ Optics Components5

  • Fibre patchcords & components
  • Fibre-coupled & free-space lasers
  • Handheld test equipment
  • DSTS systems
  • CO2 snow cleaning system
OZ Optics is a leading supplier of fibre optic components, sensor systems, and laser modules operating between 375 and 1625 nm. OZ Optics products are used by a broad range of customers in the telecoms, cable TV, medical, aerospace & military, industrial and educational sectors.
Spectral Optics1

  • Lenses & mirrors
  • Prisms & beamsplitters
  • Coated or uncoated
  • Polarisers
  • Waveplates
Spectral Optics has decades of experience in optics and optical coatings, so they understand what it takes to meet almost any requirement. They offer a range of standard parts and coating processes as well as next-generation products with unique features to enable a host of new end-user applications. Elliot Scientific holds a limited stock of mirrors, half- and quarter-waveplates suitable for high power lasers available for next working day UK delivery.
µLS - Micro Laser Systems4

  • Beam expanders
  • Fibre collimators
  • Fibre focusers
  • Fibre collectors
  • Fibre receivers
Micro Laser Systems manufacture optical accessories and diode laser modules with an emphasis on optical packaging to provide diffraction limited, circular beams with low wavefront error and low divergence. Options allow for large collimated beams or sub-micron focused spots. Diode laser drivers and TEC controllers are also available, in both bench-top and OEM versions.