Sensors & Instrumentation

Light, temperature and magnetism are among the fundamental properties researchers wish to measure, and Elliot Scientific delivers a very broad range of sensors and instruments to fulfil that requirement. In addition, we also offer test equipment for the optical communications industry, materials characterisation systems, support electronics and all manner of sensors and detectors.



  •  High-precision Capacitance/Loss Bridges
  •  Automatic Capacitance Bridges
  •  Capacitance Standards
  •  Cabling & test rigs
  •  Accessories

Andeen-Hagerling manufacture capacitance and capacitance/loss bridge test equipment for use in the lab and field. Since 1982, their products have been classed world-leading, enabling measurement of pressure, cryogenic temperatures, fluid levels, material characterisation, displacement and strain.

DEMCON kryoz

  •  Plug-and-play cooling platforms
  •  One system - Various applications
  •  Cryogen-free
  •  Automated cycling
  •  Fast, simple, and easy to use

DEMCON kryoz specialises in cryogenic products designed to cool electronics or samples, for circuit or material characterisation respectively, to extreme low temperatures within plug-and-play self-contained desktop devices. Founded in 2008, DEMCON kryoz develops unique, fully integrated cryogenic cooling systems for both laboratory and field use.


  •  IR detectors
  •  Position sensors
  •  Receiver modules
  •  Support electronics
  •  Custom products

Electro-Optical Systems Inc (EOS) have been in the business of providing Detection Across the Spectrum for over 30 years. The company offers detector components and sub-assemblies covering the UV/visible to 40+ micron spectral range. EOS products find applications in fibre-optic testing, spectroscopy, laser measurement and characterisation, thermometry, process control, and a variety of other optoelectronic systems.

EXFO (Test Systems)

  •  Intelligent test systems
  •  Cable assembly testing
  •  High-speed power meters
  •  Light sources
  •  Variable attenuators

EXFO offer a broad range of test equipment for fibre-optic systems. These include standalone handheld and benchtop instruments, optical sampling oscilloscopes, tuneable laser sources, and modular intelligent test systems with power, PDL and return-loss meters, EDFA boosters, variable attenuators, and polarisation scrambler options.

Gamma Scientific

  •  Spectroradiometers & Spectrometers
  •  Photometers & Colourimeters
  •  Radiometric sensors & Photodetectors
  •  Integrating spheres & Reflectometers
  •  Light sources - filament & LED

Gamma Scientific produce LED, display, high- and low-level (NVIS) light measurement test solutions for production, quality control and R&D environments. Fifty years of experience in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology ensures Gamma Scientific's laboratory grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, integrating spheres, colourimeters and light sources are among the best in the world.

Lake Shore

  •  Magnetic Research Products 
  •  Materials Characterisation Systems
  •  Probe Stations
  •  Temperature Measurement & Control
  •  Electronic accessories

Lake Shore is a renowned supplier of equipment for measurement of cryogenic temperatures and magnetic fields, and the characterisation of the physical properties of materials in temperature and magnetic environments internationally since 1968. In addition to a comprehensive line of temperature sensors, monitors and controllers, Lake Shore products include gaussmeters and Hall probes, VSMs, electromagnets and their power supplies, plus Hall Effect measurement systems.

OZ Optics (T&M)

  •  DSTM systems
  •  Handheld test equipment
  •  Patchcords & fibre-optic components
  •  Fibre-coupled laser modules
  •  Free-space laser modules

OZ Optics is a leading supplier of fibre-optic components, sensor systems, and laser modules operating between 375 and 1625 nm. OZ Optics products are used by a broad range of customers in the comms, construction, medical, aerospace & military, industrial and educational sectors for test and measurement.

Rugged Monitoring

  •  Fibre-optic thermometersfiber-optic thermometry
  •  Multi-channel temperature measurementfiber-optic temperature instruments
  •  Interference immune
  •  Portable thermometry
  •  Numerous applications

Rugged Monitoring designs and manufactures fibre-optic temperature sensors and instrumentation for measurements in laboratory and industrial applications. The systems can be used in many application areas such as: automotive, food and drink, medical, research, industrial, communications and power generation. The latter two in particular as the optically-derived temperature measurement is unaffected by high voltage or electromagnetic interference.Fiber-optic temperature sensor immunity.

Tristan Technologies (SQUID)

  •  SQUID sensors & electronics
  •  Laboratory measurement systems
  •  Magnetometers
  •  Magnetic microscopes
  •  Probes & Dewars

Tristan Technologies is a world leader in SQUID technology, with low- and high-temperature SQUID sensors unsurpassed in real world performance. The iMAG series of SQUID components includes microprocessor-based multichannel control electronics and advanced fibre-optic linked flux-locked loop circuits. Tristan manufactures complete SQUID systems for materials analysis, biomagnetic measurement and non-destructive testing. Tristan's expertise in cryogenics has led to advances in both SQUID-based instrumentation and conventional refrigeration. With sensors, electronics, cryogenics and software, Tristan supplies complete solutions for magnetic sensing applications.

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