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Elliot Scientific offer a portfolio of precision opto-mechanical products designed for the optical table and bench. Manufactured in the UK, these components include the world-renowned Elliot|Martock micropositioning slides and XYZ Flexure Stages, as well as the Elliot Scientific Lab Essentials range. We also offer own-brand high quality colour filters and laser waveplates.


All Elliot Scientific Products

  •  Optical Tweezers
  •  Automated Alignment Systems

All Elliot|Martock Products

  •  XYZ Flexure Stages: Manual or Piezo
  •  Fibre Launch Solutions
  •  Linear, Tilt & Rotation Stages
  •  3, 4, 5 or 6 Axis Stages
  •  Lens Positioners & Accessories

Back in 1973, Martock Design Ltd. began developing and manufacturing a range of high precision instruments and equipment. Their first XYZ flexure stage design followed in 1982 and soon became popular in the research community. This was followed by numerous micropositioning stages and accessories designed in conjunction with end users. Elliot Scientific was appointed global distributor in 1992, and began manufacturing the precision positioning product range under the Elliot|Martock brand name three years later. By 2003, thirty years after its formation, Martock Design had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Elliot Scientific.

Custom Design & Build

  •  Bespoke manipulation systems
  •  Tailored from existing Elliot|Martock components or
  •  Designed from scratch and manufactured by Elliot Scientific
  •  Single, custom units or multiples for OEMs
  •  High quality, innovative, and unique

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