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Green Fibre Lasers

Green Fibre Lasers
Green Fibre Lasers
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Green Fibre Lasers
Green Fibre Lasers
Green Fibre Lasers
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High power at 532 nm   

Green Fibre Lasers   

Elliot Scientific offers the GLR series of IPG single-mode, single-frequency continuous wave (CW) green fibre lasers with output powers up to 30 W.

Based on highly efficient and reliable technologies, the GLR lasers feature a super-compact lightweight optical head connected to an air-cooled rack-mounted main laser console. The all-fibre construction allows for full range adjustment of output power without changes in power stability or beam mode parameters. The IPG GLR series of green CW lasers are used in a variety of applications within medical and scientific research.


  • Diagnostics imaging
  • Particle imaging
  • Velocimetry / Flow Visualisation
  • Laser Trapping / Optical Tweezers
  • Laser pumping
  • Holography & Interferometry


  • Single frequency: 532 nm
  • 10, 20 or 30 W output powers
  • Excellent beam quality: M2<1.1
  • Linear polarisation
  • Power stability 1%
  • Optical noise <0.2% RMS

Pulsed versions
Elliot Scientific also offers the GLPR and GLPM series of green pulsed fibre lasers in rack mounted or module configurations respectively. They are available in powers of 10, 15, 20 and 30 W. Please contact us for further information.

Need eye protection?

IPG Photonics website

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