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Indigo Fluo - LASER (LIF) Handheld Spectrometer

Indigo Fluo - LASER (LIF) Handheld Spectrometer
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IndiGo fluo LASER  - a fluorescence spectrometer with laser excitation integrated ideal for laser induced fluorescence (LIF) applications


IndiGo fluo laser: a fluorescence spectrometer with laser excitation connected to a smartphone.

IndiGo fluo is a fluorescence spectrometer. It is modular, fits in the palm of your hand and is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet.

IndiGo fluo is composed of the IndiGo core module and an additional laser excitation module (532nm, 10mw). A 100mw laser excitation is available as an option. Please contact us.

By simply pressing the push button, it triggers a laser excitation and measures a fluorescence spectrum from 370 nm to 810 nm with a spectral resolution of 5nm (FWHM).

IndiGo fluo is compatible with all smartphones or tablets equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

A portable, affordable and customizable fluorescence spectrometer.

The IndiGo fluo laser is able to measure photoluminescence (PL) and the Raman spectrum of diamonds.




IndiGo Indigo UVA

IndiGo Indigo Core spectrometer

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