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ModuLab XM ECS

ModuLab XM ECS
ModuLab XM ECS
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ModuLab XM ECS
ModuLab XM ECS
ModuLab XM ECS
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ModuLab XM ECS   

ModuLab PhotoEchem XM is a configurable platform product that is primarily focused on solar cell and photovoltaic research.

The system, based upon Solartron Analytical's world-leading experience in transfer function measurements, offers a high-quality measurement platform for characterizing a range of photoelectrochemical devices such as DSSC's, Perovskite cells, and Photoanodes," noted Professor Laurie Peter, world leading expert, University of Bath, UK. Professor Peter acted as scientific advisor during the development of the ModuLab PhotoEchem system and helped ensure the system met the requirements of the most demanding photovoltaic researchers in the market today.

ModuLab PhotoEchem XM includes a reference grade potentiostat, frequency response analyzer (FRA) and PhotoEchem module that provide complete characterization of a wide range of Solar cells and PV cells, including Perovskite and Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).  Additionally, the system can be used for development of visible spectrum photoelectrochemical systems such as Iron-Oxide photo-splitting of water.

A key feature of this system is its ease of use, with data analysis requiring just one click of the mouse! For experienced users ModuLab PhotoEchem XM offers the ability to develop new experiment types with the powerful step sequencer.

 Specifications ModuLab XM ECS EnergyLab XM EchemLab XM
Polarization, Compliance Voltage ±8 V up to ± 100 V ± 8V ±100 V
Max Current Output ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A  ± 2 A up to ± 100 A ± 300 mA up to ± 100 A
Min Current Range ± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution)
to ± 30 pA (1.5 fA)
± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution) 
± 30 nA
(1.5 pA resolution) 
Advanced EIS Functions
 Accuracy to sub 100 µΩ
 Auxiliary Voltage Inputs
 Multi-Sine (improved speed)
 Harmonic Analysis (cell linearity)
 Integrated EIS Modeling 
 With all FRA Modules  Standard

Ametek Scientific Instruments website

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