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Kinetic Systems Vibration Control Workstations

Kinetic Systems Vibration Control Workstations
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Virtually all you need for a vibration controlled work environment   

Kinetic Systems Vibration Control Workstations   

All Kinetic Systems' Vibration Isolation Workstations are designed for general use as well as specific applications and, by offering a number of different base configurations, they can meet virtually all requirements for a vibration controlled work environment.,/p>

Contact our sales team for advice on the best combination of tabletop and support system for your vibration isolation requirement.

Kinetic Systems MK52 Vibration Control WorkstationMK52 Series

Negative-stiffness Optical Table Isolation Support System
The versatile MK52 is an ultra-low-natural-frequency optical table isolation support system due to its unique Minus K® negative-stiffness technology. It achieves low net vertical natural frequency without limiting its ability to support static loads. This makes it ideal for cell injection, confocal and optical microscopes, wafer probing, and applications in fields such as semiconductor processing.

Kinetic Systems MK26 Vibration Control WorkstationMK26 Series

Ultra-Low Frequency Vibration Isolation Workstation
Providing Ultra-Low Frequency levels, the MK26 Series offers low natural frequency performance for a wide range of high resolution instruments, such as analytical balances, AFM, confocal and optical microscopes, cell injection and patch clamping systems, wafer probes and other sensitive equipment requiring high isolation efficiency.

Kinetic Systems 9600 Vibration Control Workstation9600 Series

Cleanroom Workstation
The Series 9600 Vibration Isolation Workstation was designed to fully comply with the Class 1 or Class 10 cleanroom standard. It's isolation efficiency is excellent and the unit is constructed of stainless steel to facilitate ease of wipedown. Welded joints assure maximum rigidity.

Kinetic Systems 9200 Vibration Control Workstation9200 Series

Personal Workstation
The 9200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is a smaller, more compact design providing affordable personal convenience for loads up to 200 kg. The 9200 is ideal for balances, microscopes, cell injection systems, roundness checkers and surface profilometers.

Kinetic Systems 9100 Vibration Control Workstation9100 Series

High Performance Workstation
The 9100 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration control applications. It is an efficient, aesthetically and ergonomically styled piece of comfortable working furniture for loads up to 590 kg.

Kinetic Systems 8002 Vibration Control Workstation8200 Series

Active Vibration Control Workstation
Providing the highest levels of vibration isolation available, the 8002 Series offers the ultimate performance for a wide range of high resolution instruments, such as check-weighing, atomic force microscopes, micro-hardness testers, profilometers and other sensitive equipment.

Kinetic Systems 2800 Vibration Control Workstation2800 Series

Ultra-Low-Frequency Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation
By providing ultra-low frequency levels for lighter loads, the 2800 Series LLHP offers the ultimate low natural frequency performance that is ideal for supporting atomic force microscopes, analytical balances and so on.

Kinetic Systems 2000 Vibration Control Workstation2000 Series

Variable Height Workstation
The 2000 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation offers up to 300 mm of tabletop height adjustment, giving improved user comfort through correct posture. This unit is ideal for applications where long hours at the workstation, or multiple shift use, requires ergonomic adjustments.

Kinetic Systems 1200 Vibration Control Workstation1200 Series

Heavy Duty Workstation
The 1200 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation is designed to isolate loads up to 1270 kg. A proven performer providing reliable, vibration-free work environments for a wide range of industries, it is the obvious choice for moving loads.

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